March 31, 2023
BC should integrate Pix, Real Digital and Open Finance on one platform

BC should integrate Pix, Real Digital and Open Finance on one platform

The Central Bank (BC) should integrate services into one platform Financial issues PIX, Open Banking, and Open Finance. This is expected to happen by 2024, as the measure is introduced as part of the modernization of financial systems. The integration should benefit users with greater flexibility and security.

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With the mix of services, the entity will be able to better target offers to customers, as well as to improve Instant payments, including to other countries.

BC should integrate financial services

By integrating all financial services, the bank will be able to improve the user experience. In practice, the union should save more time, without neglecting to increase the safety and quality of the services provided.

Want an example? People will be able to find everything on just one platform, without having to open all the apps – one by one – where they have an account. One application should merge all accounts from all banks.

In addition to the above, there will be specific areas for credit offers Character With each client, in addition to the investment environment and all other familiar financial services.

Everything will be interconnected, such as opening the user to share banking data between financial institutions, that is, open banking. In this way, each person receives offers that are most suitable for his application and profile.

Through Open Finance, brokers and insurance companies can also access the information of authorized users, and they can then To view The best products according to the reality of each of them.

PIX is also part of this great integrated system. System Pay A snapshot representing about 14 billion transactions as of August. Therefore, BC’s proposal is to allow the integration of all these services, in order to further improve the user experience.