Beauty: check out how to clean your makeup brushes !

Beauté: Découvrez comment nettoyer vos pinceaux de maquillage !

All the girls who apply make-up clearly have makeup brushes ! Here are a few tips to clean them after use !

What girl does not use makeup brushes to get the bush or use a eyeshadow ? In the ritual of make-up, the stakes are critical. But by using it on a daily basis, these tools make-up get dirty and can cause pimples ! MCE explains to you how to clean them.

Wash his brushes: the gesture of hygienic

In fact, use of brushes on a daily basis involves some risk to the health of your skin. It is thus necessary to frequently wash his brushes. And we are not talking about once per month. It would therefore be necessary to clean out the brushes once or twice a week definitely ! But unfortunately everyone does not do it for lack of time or simply laziness, he must admit. But leave it for months of your brushes in their jars without washing them is not the solution to prevent minor skin issues.

More like everything that is used for the skin, it is necessary to clean your essential make-up. Because putting on makeup to conceal pimples as it is because of the brushes dirty. This seems to be an absurdity, and yet that may be true. When you use a cotton for you to remove your makeup, you do not reuse the next day and well for the brushes it is the same. You can’t use for weeks of the brushes not washed.

Makeup brushes: a spray-on cleaner

A lot of evil-up artists have already said they cleaned their brushes and makeup after every use. And the best way to wash quickly these small objects will still take a spray cleaner. He must then leave the product and remove excess with a clean tissue, of course. Because of this there will be a lot less bacteria on your brushes and therefore less small buttons that may appear on your face !

Finally there is another trick you can soak your brushes in a gentle shampoo without sulfate with a few drops of coconut oil for softness !


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