March 29, 2023

Before making a PIX, see the alert Nubank issued to its customers

According to a survey by the Central Bank, about 22.7 million people have entered the Brazilian financial system since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. With this another number that has increased after that is the number of financial scams applied in the country. What does Nobank have to do with it? paying off!

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As one of the easiest banks to reach in Brazil, Nubank reached 64.8 million customers very quickly. Fintech is very concerned about the security of its users, which has been one of the main goals of criminals Which aims to subtract data and sums from persons.

With that in mind, the institution recently issued a public alert regarding fintech accounts.

Scam using PIX

Nubank is constantly alerting customers about various strikes Including the name of the institution. One that circulated on the Internet was created over Christmas and repeated during Carnival. Made a promotion in which it was mentioned that fintech will give the customer a souvenir PIX.

To access the funds, the user had to click on a link sent via SMS. By clicking on the link, the customer is directed to a form, where he has to enter his personal data. To receive the supposed bonus of R$500, the individual had to share the promotion with friends.

In short, everything was just a file scam driven by criminals.

Upon discovering what had happened, Nobank quickly took action and alerted the agents to the truth. Criminals are now acting through a so-called QR code, which would serve to pay late bills or charge bogus charges.

SOS Nubank

In an effort to prevent its customers from falling for scams, Nubank has highlighted several times that it does not send links by text or email to request personal data or request financial transactions.

Therefore, if the customer receives any of these messages and is in doubt, he should immediately contact the official channels of the bank to inform him of what happened.

In the face of various fraud threats, Nubank developed the SOS Nu platform.

In it, tips are given on how to avoid scams and what are the main crimes that occur using the fintech name. In addition, SOS Nu also provides information on what a customer should do if they are a victim of the following:

  • fake calls, messages and links;
  • mobile phone or card theft;
  • Lightning kidnapping
  • Card cloning
  • coerce the surrender of a password;
  • Account hacked.