May 31, 2023

Behind the scenes of the Fluminense 5 x 1 River game, Deniz’s speeches before, during and after the match are shown | Fluminense

a Fluminense Thursday afternoon released a behind-the-scenes video of River Plate’s historic 5-1 defeat by Argentina at the Maracanã last Tuesday for the Libertadores. The pictures show the players’ preparations, the tricolor celebration of the fans in the stands, and the speeches of coach Fernando Diniz before, during and after the match. (see video below).

Fluminense 5 x 1 River Plate: See Diniz’s reactions before, during and after the match

In the first half, when the score was tied at 1-1, Diniz strengthened his confidence in victory and spoke directly to Arias, who failed at the River goal (and in the second half he was shining with two goals and an assist):

– is everybody okay? huh? Ready to win the game? We will come back and we will win. Arias, look here (pointing to his chest) 100%. You will play, you will play here …, everything is fine. That’s the kind of bug I like, it helps to have it logged in there, and…

Diniz and Fluminense players in Libertadores vs River – Photo: Andre Durao

After the match and the history of the strikes, Diniz congratulated the group, but issued a warning when he recalled the 4-2 defeat against Fortaleza a few days earlier in Castelao, for the Brazilian championship:

– I know the potential of the team and the work you do. You have to keep in mind that a team that plays like today cannot play like it did on Saturday. You need to know how to choose. You won’t win every 5 days, but losing 4 like we lost is never enough. This cannot happen. Do we have a team to fight for everything? So, to fight for everything in the Brazilian Championship, you can’t spend a Saturday like that, no. beauty? Congratulations for c…, played for c…, enjoy c…have fun.

Watch the full video:

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