March 23, 2023
Belgium 1-0 Canada

Belgium 1-0 Canada

executioner Brazilian national team In 2018, Belgium struggled more than expected, but beat Canada 1-0 in the opening match Qatar World CupToday (23), at Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium, for the first round of the World Cup group stage.

After being under tremendous pressure from Canada, Davies missed a penalty – saved by Courtois – in the 10th minute of the match, the Belgians opened the scoring with Batshuayi, on the last stretch of the first half. At a significant disadvantage, the Americans still had a game-changing advantage, but failed to convert their chances into goals.

With this victory, Belgium concluded the opening round of the Cup at the top of Group F, with three points, while Canada, zero, was the bitter bottom. Morocco and Croatia that earlier It stayed at 0-0She has 1 point and is tied for second and third in the bracket.

The next round of Group F will take place on Sunday (27). Belgium faces Morocco at 10am (Brasilia time), while Canada plays Croatia at 13:00 (also Brasilia time).

Courtois shines and saves Belgium

A goal keeper Real Madrid He had another career-inspired night. In the midst of Canadian domination, Courtois was instrumental in thwarting opposing plans. The Belgian decided for the first time when he saved a penalty kick taken by Davies, 10 minutes into the first half – he scored it with the help of the video assistant referee, who touched Carrasco’s arm inside the area. Even with frustration, Canada continued to press better than Belgium, and demanded another fine appearance from the top seed throughout the 90 minutes.

Courtois saves Davies’ penalty in Belgium against Canada

Photo: Eric Verhoeven/Skrits/Getty Images

Controversial obstacles and controversies

Shortly after Canada missed the penalty kick, the duel saw Ahmed Ben Ali make an unusual move. In the 12th minute, Hazard slipped the wrong way and sent the ball straight at the feet of Buchanan, who received a lone from Vertonghen inside the area. The refereeing flagged offside – even with the pass provided by the Belgian – and neglected to review the Canadians’ potential penalty.

The Canadiens even called for another penalty in the 37th minute, when Larrea went down in the area after a dispute with Westel. The VAR checked the play and didn’t even call the referee to review it on the screen at the edge of the field.

Who doesn’t…

After much struggle, it was Belgium who opened the scoring. And in the 43rd minute of the opening stage, Batshuayi took advantage of a long shot from Alderweireld, crossing it at the start, to beat goalkeeper Borgan.

stars from

De Bruyne’s first memory of Qatar Cup He’s completely discreet. Stuck in tagging, the Belgian No. 7 did little to help create and didn’t look much like the decisive player found at Manchester City. Hazard, far from his physical and technical peak, also went almost unnoticed and was substituted midway through the second half.

On the Canadian side, Davies was notable for missing a penalty, despite being involved in the team’s main attacking actions, especially in the first half.

Kevin De Bruyne being instructed by Roberto Martinez at the match between Belgium and Canada - Katherine Iffel / Getty Images - Katherine Iffel / Getty Images

Kevin De Bruyne receives instructions from Roberto Martinez in the match between Belgium and Canada

Photo: Katherine Ivel/Getty Images

Canada slows the pace in the second half

If in the first stage, even going into the first half on the scoreboard, the Canadian national team choked and besieged Belgium, then in the final the team led by coach John Herdmann was tired and could not repeat the pressure in the first 45 minutes. body weight, and the Belgians began to take more control of possession of the ball and, accordingly, the match.

weather in the stadium

Canadian fans haven’t seen their country play in a World Cup since 1986, which is why they turned out for Qatar in droves. The Americans were in the majority at the Ahmed Ben Ali stadium and made much more noise than the Belgians, the favourites.

Concentrating mainly behind North Target, the Canadians came dressed in the country’s colours, with colorful faces, vuvuzelas and costumes. And they fanned out across the field, bypassing even the Indians’ support for the Belgian national team.

The moments of greatest excitement were in the VAR bids that could result in a penalty for the team. The first was scored, but missed, while the second was ordered by the referee to continue the match. In the final minutes, they still tried to push the team in with a corner kick, but the team didn’t cooperate. The Canadian crowd was not disheartened, as they left singing and happy to see their World Cup selection again.

Canadian fans at the match against Belgium, for the World Cup in Qatar - Marvin Ibo Guengoer - GES Sportfoto / Getty Images - Marvin Ibo Guengoer - GES Sportfoto / Getty Images

Canadian fans in the match against Belgium, for the Qatar World Cup

Photo: Marvin Ebo Gengor – GES Sportfoto / Getty Images

Lukaku in the stands

Missed the debut for Belgium due to a thigh injury, the striker was in the stands of the stadium Ahmed Wastebasket Ali accompanied the match. Even with a physical problem, coach Roberto didn’t cut him out of the cup Martinez And he is working on being present in the upcoming matches.

data sheet

Belgium 1 x 0 Canada

Competition: World Cup, first round of Group F
date and time: November 23, 2022 (Wednesday), 4 pm (Brasilia time)
place: Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium in Al-Rayyan (Qatar)
Rule: Jani Sikazwe (Zambia)
Assistants: Gerson dos Santos (Angola) and Arsenio Marengola (Mozambique)
Video Assistant Referee: Juan Soto (Venezuela)
Yellow cards: Carrasco, Meunier and Onana (Belgium); Davies Johnston (Can)

Goal: Batshuayi (Bell), at 43’/Q1

Belgium: Courtois. Dendoncker, Alderweireld, and Vertonghen; Castagne, Witsel, Tielemans (Onana), De Bruyne, and Carrasco (Meunier); Batshuayi (Openda) and Hazard (Trossard). Technical: Roberto Martinez

Canada: Borgan. Johnston, Stephen Victoria, and Miller; Laria, Howlett (Larain), Hutchinson (Connie), Eustace (Osorio) and Davis; Buchanan (Miller) and Jonathan David. Technical: John Herdman

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