March 21, 2023
Bella Jill reveals that she is emotional;  Understand the term and how it affects relationships

Bella Jill reveals that she is emotional; Understand the term and how it affects relationships

She revealed the information during her participation in the podcast “Mil e uma Tretas”, by singer Thila Ayala and Julia Faria.

November 17th
– 7:10 pm

(updated 11/18/2022 at 9:36 am)

Bella Jill: “I’m attracted to smart people, not necessarily pretty”

Photo: playback / Instagram

A beautiful generation She gained attention online after it was revealed that he was known as prudent🇧🇷 The statement came during her participation in the podcast A thousand and one tricksin Thaila Ayala And the Julia Fariawhich was broadcast on Monday, the 14th.

“My self-belief and my sense of beauty are closely linked to reason. I’m attracted to intelligent people, not necessarily to beauty,” explained the presenter, who was married to the designer for 18 years. JB Dimacy🇧🇷

She added, “So, I don’t think I have to be super, super pretty. Why am I going to get breast implants, you know? Let me read a book, because it’s going to work better.”

What is sexual desire?

As explained by Bella Gil, libido refers to people feeling a sexual or romantic attraction to someone based on their education or intelligence.

In this sense, good conversation and knowledge sharing serves as the main, if not the only, agent responsible for creating the Homo sapiens relationship.

The term comes from the Latin (“sabio” means “wise”) and would have been used by the engineer for the first time Darren Stalder on the social network Live Journal In the early 2000s.

However, the word only became popular in the 2010s, when it made its way to relationship apps. According to the magazine worldwideapp OkCupid Making sexual rationality a choice is among which sexual orientations to put in a profile in 2014.

Already in 2017, an application called Toad It launched, promising to be “the only app that hits rock bottom in people with their lived experiences, honest opinions, and unabashed passion.”

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