May 31, 2023

Ben finds out that Theo abused Sol, attacks the villain and tells everything to Lumiere; The sequel to air April 24


The lawyer will finally find out why his ex-girlfriend is so afraid of Theo

Images: Reproduction/Globo

in Go in the faithSol (Sheron Menezzes) does not hide that she is alienated from Theo (Emilio Dantas), because she was abused by the villain in her youth. Even with pressure from the businessman about Jennifer’s (Bela Campos) paternity, the protagonist prefers to keep the shocking event a secret. Ben (Samuel of Assisi)the former boyfriend of the dancer, never learned the truth.

However, the loop should not be “off” for too long. That’s because, in a sequence set to air on April 24, Ben discovers that Theo raped Sol in the past. Bruna (Carla Cristina Cardoso) tells everything to the lawyer, who turns into a monster with the information.

Image: Reproduction/Globo

Ben attacks Theo after being discovered

Confused and angry, the Defender searches for the “friend” and attacks him, according to Gshow’s summary, released on Friday afternoon (14). Later, Lumiar’s (Carolina Dieckmann) husband decides to hatch a plan to keep Theo away and Bruna agrees to the idea.

The character of Samuel de Assis is based on Lumiere

In scenes that should air April 28, Ben tells Lumiere that Sol was raped by Rafael’s (Kaio Manhinty) father. However, in the next chapter, the ICAES professor accepts the help of a scoundrel for “It erases Ben’s memories of his apartment”, according to Gshow.

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