August 16, 2022
Benedetto asked not to take a penalty after the third consecutive foul

Benedetto asked not to take a penalty after the third consecutive foul

The account just goes up. Dario Benedetto He scored the third penalty kick Yesterday (16), in the Talleres match, the eighth round of the Argentine championship. In the sequence, the striker will have the opportunity to strike for the fourth time, but he preferred not to risk it and surrendered to defender Marcos Rojo – who, unlike his comrade, took the penalty.

The move took place near the 30th minute of the second half, when the match was still tied 0-0.

Benedetto was singled out during the week for missing two penalties in the same match against Corinthiansin order to Round of 16 Give Editors. The shirt 9 hit Casio’s left post in the original time and isolated the ball in the second chance, already in a penalty shootout. a Boca Juniors They will qualify for the next round of the tournament if they score.

In front of Talleres, at the start of the first half of the match, Benedetto got another chance on the mark of the lime, but he hit the crossbar of goalkeeper Herrera and extended the negative sequence even further. Another intriguing detail is that the athlete’s three mistakes occurred in La Bombonera.

Netizens on social media have dubbed Martin Palermo, the Argentine striker Marked for missing three penalty kicks in the same match (for Argentina national team Against Colombia in the 1999 Copa América).

Watch Rojo’s goal and Benedetto’s penalty miss: