June 29, 2022
www.brasil247.com - No livro 1964 na visão do ministro do Trabalho de João Goulart, o ex-deputado Almino Affonso relata que a história original do golpe militar remonta ao ano de 1954, numa disputa envolvendo a estatal; a criação da Petrobras contrariava interesses dos EUA e, segundo ele conta, visões ideológicas opostas ou mesmo interesses escusos pautaram os debates a respeito do monopólio estatal do petróleo; “O centro nevrálgico das campanhas era a questão do petróleo”, diz

Bernardo Melo Franco praises the presence of Almino Afonso at the Dinner of Concessions and defends unity against fascism

The columnist noted support for the alliance between Lula and Alckmin

247 – “The presence of guests evoked the dinner that produced the portrait of Lula and Geraldo Alckmin last Sunday. At the age of 92, lawyer Almino Afonso took to the stage, gave a speech and was awarded a medal. He represented the generation of politicians who witnessed the collapse of democracy in the 1964 coup d’état,” wrote journalist Bernardo Mello Franco in his book column on the globe. “Minister of Labor in part of the government of João Goulart, Afonso was included by the military on the first list of suspects. He took refuge in the Yugoslav embassy, ​​spent 12 years in exile and returned to the country in time to participate in the campaign for amnesty. Lula participated in the strikes of metalworkers , but he never wanted to join the Workers’ Party. Subsequently he was elected deputy governor of São Paulo by the São Paulo board of directors and deputy by the PSD.”

Milo Franco writes: “Afonso, a friend of former President Fernando Enrique Cardoso, considers the rapprochement between Lula and Alcamine to be ‘astonishing and unsurprising’ at the same time,” and also recalls the veteran politician’s wish: to overcome it soon. Perhaps the illustrious man holding the presidency is due to his personal patronage.”

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