July 18, 2024

Best Buy Memorial Day 2021 Sale: Save on TVs, Air Fries, Gaming and More

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Best Buy’s Memorial Day weekend sales are strong and still running today, meaning you still have a chance to score electronics, computer gear and big savings. Equipment Even more so.

If you want to get a new TV or upgrade to a bigger device, now is the time to strike. When there are a lot of deals in tapping, we have done the legwork to separate them for you. Below, check out what we consider to be the best deals on the Best Buy Memorial Day sales event. As a reminder, prices and inventory are always “when the goods are last”, but when we find non-stock items we will try to replace them with other exciting inventions.


This 82-inch 7 Series is a Samsung Smart LED 4K HDR TV that supports Apple AirPlay, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The Tyson-powered smart TV feature allows you to instantly connect a variety of free channels from Samsung and your favorite streaming apps. Samsung’s Auto Game mode lets you enjoy your favorite games with minimal input lag and image tingling. Memorial Day weekend it is currently $ 500 discounted.

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Air fryers are still one of our favorite kitchen aids in 2021, which is a great way to quickly heat frozen snacks and make anything from pizza or whole chicken to a whole cake. This sleek analog 5-quart Insignia can only handle a few cupcakes, but remains to be reheated. This weekend it was marked at $ 54. You can snack Digital version $ 70.


This wired optical mouse is now $ 30 off the razor, usually $ 90, with nine programmable buttons and customizable LED lighting zones. The Mamba Elite offers 16,000 points per inch of final accuracy without input lag, and internal memory can save your settings if you have to carry it on the road.

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Turn your old car into a smart car with Alexa voice control. I bought one of these and it is one of my favorite third party jewelry. By talking I can not only control the spotlight, but also get weather and driving directions without taking my hands off the wheel. All you need is a smartphone and accessory and you are good to go.

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If you’re lucky enough to snatch a new video card Global chip shortage, You may need storage space to go with it. This SanDisk Extreme Pro NVM drive provides ample space for data demanding work and handles OS and applications in flash mode. This is also one of the lowest prices we have seen for these Zippy NVM solid-state drives from the famous brand in recent months.

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