March 31, 2023
Beta version of WhatsApp Quiz List showing past group members

Beta version of WhatsApp Quiz List showing past group members

Meta is always committed to developing news for its social networks. In this sense, a tool is being tested that allows users to see previous participants in groups The WhatsApp. Refreshment allows both admins and group members to access this information.

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The new WhatsApp function allows you to see who has left groups

The dream of many WhatsApp users of being able to leave groups unnoticed is getting very close. It was reported a while ago that the app developers were working on a new functionality where only admins can see who has left groups. Now, the feature is finally coming to WhatsApp Beta.

On the other hand, the developers have found another way to let members know who has left the group, even if a notification of who has left or has been removed is no longer displayed. This is the list of past members of the group.

WhatsApp Beta allows admins and members to see who has left a group and who has been removed from it in the last 60 days. After this period, the data will be removed from the application. The novelty is tested on Android and iOS devices.

Due to the nature of the cross-platform messenger, it is likely that this functionality will also be available in the desktop version of the social network sooner or later, when it is officially released to all users.

Beta testers have reported to WABetaInfo that an option has been created in the group info tab (where you can see all participants) that has a new alternative called “View previous participants”.

release expectations

At the moment, the feature is still in the testing phase and there is not yet a release date for the new feature. Of course, the update will only be released when some bug fixes are made.

Will it be possible to remove ‘online’ from WhatsApp?

As we mentioned at the beginning, Meta is always committed to promoting news. Thus, another WhatsApp Beta update for Android was recently revealed, and its function under test is to remove ‘Online’ status from the profile. However, there is still not much information about this feature.