December 1, 2023
Between the real and virtual world, Yuri goes from a childhood dream to an Internet campaign to reach Vasco |  Vasco

Between the real and virtual world, Yuri goes from a childhood dream to an Internet campaign to reach Vasco | Vasco

yuri gold Friday announced as Vasco’s first boost for 2022But his relationship with the club comes from the cradle. Fascain, who played in the stands as a teenager, played for several Brazilian teams and even Japan before fulfilling his dream of putting the Malta cross on his chest, as a professional athlete, at the age of 27.

Yuri has not yet been shown, but he posted on social media, after the announcement, that a movie had gone through his head and he remembered when he was going to São Januaro to cheer with his cousins ​​and uncles. the Give He spoke to Luis Oliveira, a very close cousin and companion in the stands, when they were younger. In addition to their kinship, they are of the same age, they grew up together, neighbors, in Parque Colúmbia, in Pavuna, in the northern region of Rio de Janeiro. Luis Yury considers his brother and is still trying to accommodate his signature at the club at heart.

– I woke up still can’t believe it. The chip will only fall when Yuri plays in a Vasco shirt, said Lewis.

Luis and Yuri Lara in the background, younger, wearing a Vasco shirt at a family barbecue – Photo: Personal Archive

– We have always been Vasco fans, we went to some matches. In 2011, we celebrated a lot with the Copa Brasil. Until 2013 he was very impressed. Having moved to the professional level, he went to Bahia and became more contained, fearing that this would somehow harm him. He became a more professional man, but I kept following Vasco. We always talked about Vasco. Now, thank God, this opportunity came for him to realize this dream. His dream and his family – celebrate the player’s cousin.

Desire to see cousin in Vasco is old. Luis has records of conversations on WhatsApp in 2016 and 2019, when the two were playing and commenting on the messaging app about Yuri’s dream of playing for Clube do Coração.

In 2011, Luis and Yuri in celebration of Vasco’s Copa Brasil title – Photo: Personal Archive

But this time, Luis did more than just dream up his sleeves to help his cousin go to São Januaro. After a fantastic season with the CSA, when he was the biggest ball thief in the second division, Yuri was out of contract at the end of the year, and Lewis decided to act.

First, Vasco’s new steering wheel cousin searched for club staff on Twitter. I got in touch, but not with those responsible for the performance area. That’s when he decided to look up João Almirante, Vasco’s social media influencer.

The old dream: a conversation between the two in 2016, when they were already talking about the possibility of Yuri playing with Vasco – Photo: Reproduction

A conversation between cousins ​​in 2019 – Photo: cloning

– I looked for Joao Almirante, I had never spoken to him before. I sent a message and told us to try to bring Yuri, I told him he was from Vasco, I sent a picture of him younger in a Vasco shirt. The admiral wanted to publish it, I spoke with Yuri, who issued the publication of the photo. It has happened. Fans saw that he did a good B series and asked to be hired. Business has taken up a very large percentage on the Internet. Yuri called me crazy (laughs). Until then he hadn’t told me anything about the proposal.

Yuri was very much liked by CSA fans, and he was on the verge of renewing. But she swayed in the face of the childhood team and family’s attention. The mobilization of fans on social networks also affected the success.

– Yuuri arrived in Rio on the 11th (Saturday). We saw each other on Sunday, and he didn’t tell me anything. On Monday, we went to his father’s house for a barbecue. When we stopped at the market, he told me about Vasco’s suggestion. I got mad and said, “Sign up soon.” He had other proposals, there was an offer from Grêmio and from one of the Serie A clubs. In my feelings, I said that I should come to Vaskau.

– The CSA wanted a renewal. He was inclined to renew with CSA before, the public loves him very much, he loves the club and Maceo very much. But he chose Vasco. It was a dream not only for him, but for a family with many people from Vasco. This counts a lot.

Louis and Yuri wearing a Vasco teen shirt – Photo: Personal Archive

Luis saw his cousin playing at São Januario not too long ago. At the end of October, with Yuri’s good performance, CSA defeated Vasco 3-1, a match that began the fall of the Rio team in the second division. Now, their cousin is expected to be seen on the field wearing a Vasco shirt. Lewis revealed that the steering wheel is also worried and is betting that the relationship will work out.

– He’s so excited. He is more than a man, he does not like the media very much. But he told me he’s really happy and doesn’t think he’s going to play with Vasco. He knows the pressure, but he’s dying to debut. He knows we have high expectations, and he wants to live up to the fans’ expectations. We hope everything goes well. If he turns a year old like he did at CSA, I’m sure the public would appreciate it. Gives life in the field.