Beyoncé: clashée violently by his fans after the elections in the USA !

Beyoncé: clashée violemment par ses fans après les élections aux USA !

Beyoncé draws the wrath of his fans after the elections in the United States. The star would not have use his influence correctly !

Beyoncé is seen clasher by many fans. After the us elections, it would not have complied with its own convictions and without him to remind us. MCE tells you more.

The stars engage in politics

In fact, the mid-term elections in the United States come to unfold. The camp democratic party opposed to the policy of Trump just won the majority in the House of representatives.
While the other camp keeps the Senate. And there are many stars to be hired for their fans to go vote for these very important elections. We can count among them Rihanna, Eva Longoria, Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, Brad Pitt or Leonardo Di Caprio. All have supported the democratic candidates on the social networks in particular.

But Beyoncé as it did not really urged his fans to vote. For some it has not done enough in any case.

Beyoncé at the heart of a controversy

In Texas, the native region of the singer, the democratic candidate, Beto O’rourke, has not been successful won. In fact, it is the republican’s controversial Ted Cruz who has won. And a lot of voters do not accept this and take it to Beyoncé. For some it has not quite shown its support for the democratic candidate.

Even though Queen B has demonstrated its support, it has not done enough. The singer has posted on her account Instagram with a very clear message and asking even with a cap to his name. But according to its followers it has simply not done early enough.
She posted this photo on the day of the elections. While other stars have shown their support a week before.

In addition, as the reports website Page Six, internet users have criticized the young woman. They wonder why with the influence she has, Beyonce has not just shared more on this election.

The main interested has not responded yet to his many fans who are still facing the issue.


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