Bezuglov said, what is the secret of success of Russian national team for the 2018 world Cup

The doctor of Russian national team on football has said that the coaching staff is well followed physical data of each of the players.

Безуглов рассказал, в чем секрет успеха российской сборной на ЧМ-2018


According to Edward Bezuglova, the whole secret of success lies in the fact that the coaching staff keeps abreast of the health of its players. He is sure that regular inspection of the cardiovascular system, mental health and calculating the appropriate training for each individual, played into the hands of the entire team.

Also, the doctor noticed that not only the doctors and the coach had a hand in the victories of Russia in football matches, but the players themselves, who struggles with trying to play efficiently, with great commitment. He noted that all the players were highly motivated and even small injuries during games did not prevent them. Bezuglov also said that every other player has shown great and unique attraction to the game.

In the match with Croatia Ilya Kutepov was seriously injured, and some doctors suspect a fracture of the bones of the foot, but the defender showed strength and refused a replacement and came on the pitch, although the match was still 100 minutes. After 12 or more days, the doctors promised a full recovery of the player.


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