Bibeau taken by surprise by the resignation-and the shock of Jody Wilson-Raybould

Bibeau surprise par la démission-choc de Jody Wilson-Raybould

The minister of international Development and la Francophonie and member of parliament for Compton-Stanstead Marie-Claude Bibeau has been shaken by the surprise resignation of the minister of Veterans affairs, Jody Wilson-Raybould, in the wake of the hot issue of the multinational SNC-Lavalin.

“I was taken by surprise,” she points out, however, without too much advance.

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“I’m in the folder but I am not aware of below the decision of the minister.”

On Tuesday, the minister of Veterans affairs, Jody Wilson-Raybould, has handed in his resignation of the office of Justin Trudeau. The latter said he was surprised and disappointed by this resignation-shock that occurs while several questions remain unresolved on the issue of SNC-Lavalin.

The resignation of the former minister of Justice and attorney general comes less than a week after the Globe and Mail had written that the office of Justin Trudeau would have exerted pressure on it in the folder SNC-Lavalin. According to the daily, the bodyguards of the prime minister would have tried to convince them to intervene to prevent the firm in quebec, a trial for fraud and corruption in connection with his activities in Libya.

Ms. Bibeau, who will try to get elected next fall in his county, and anticipates the government will be able to weather this storm. “I have confidence. We have a team that is very disciplined”, she says.

“We make decisions that are based on facts. We are very conscious of the ethics and rigour. Everything has been done according to the rules of art. We have a good relationship with the office of the prime minister.”

Marie-Claude Bibeau stated that the liberal government has advanced several folders, such as those of the recognition of indigenous peoples, combating climate change, and investment in infrastructure in the country. His team wants to have a second four-year mandate to continue the work. In his county, it will build on the support to dairy producers and on the connectivity in rural areas.

$84 million

For the Games of the Francophonie, she repeats that his government is ready to ensure 50 per cent of the bill, when it was revealed that the organization of the event could cost $ 84 million. The Press advancing on Wednesday morning that the government of Québec is estimated at $ 74 million cost of staging the olympic games in Sherbrooke. You will need to add to it a bill of $ 10 million to the costs for the Sûreté du Québec to ensure the safety.

In addition, federal rules provide that Ottawa may not pay more than 35 % of the public funds injected into a sporting event. To this, Ms. Bibeau noted that this rule does not apply to an event such as the Games of the Francophonie.

“We will ensure that 50 % of the invoice of the Games of the Francophonie,” she said, adding that half of an amount of $ 84 million can be assumed by Ottawa for the Games..

“The three levels of government will need to sit down and analyze the case. There has to Sherbrooke an experienced team to run the event.”


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