Biden allows immigrant families separated during the Trump era to be reunited with them in the United States

More than 5,500 families were separated under the Trump administration, and Biden entered office with the parents of more than 600 unidentified children.

So far, the task force has made progress in reuniting those families. Mayuras said that nearly 105 families have been reunited recently.

The Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union, Anthony D. Romero, to welcoming Mayuras’ announcement, but warned that “the devil is in the details. Minister Mayuras must abandon all warnings and qualifications about his declaration and pursue whatever is necessary to correct the error.”

“These separated families have suffered incomprehensibly because of what our government has done, and we owe them compensation. This includes a permanent path to citizenship, care and the resources to help them,” Romero said.

The task force includes a coordinated effort between the United States and the governments of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, as well as numerous NGOs, immigration attorneys, and community groups. Mayorkas said Michel Brani, who previously worked with the Women’s Refugee Commission, has been selected to serve as the task force’s executive director.

“This is not just an all-out government effort, but an effort that involves the whole of society to do what is right,” Mayurcas said.

Mayoras also used his role as a White House briefing to explain why the Biden administration took the time to create a new system to deal with immigrants at the border. Currently, the vast majority of immigrants arriving at the border are immediately expelled under the Pandemic Emergency Law under Trump.

We are not saying: Do not come. “Don’t come now, because we will be able to provide a safe and orderly process as quickly as possible,” said Mayuras, adding, “We work around the clock, seven days a week.”

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