July 25, 2024

Biden and Schultz still view Ukraine’s situation as ‘extremely dangerous’ | Globalism

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Biden and Schultz still view Ukraine's situation as 'extremely dangerous' |  Globalism
Biden and Schultz still view Ukraine's situation as 'extremely dangerous' |  Globalism

After a phone conversation between Joe Biden e Olaf Schulze During Wednesday (16), German government spokesman Stephen Hebestreet informed that the two leaders still believed that the situation Ukraine It should be treated as “extremely dangerous”.

In a statement, Hebestreet said “maximum vigilance” is required because there has not been a major withdrawal of Russian forces yet.

Last Tuesday, the government leader announced Germany Head visited RussiaAnd Russian President Vladimir Putinand I talked to him about the current situation on the border with Ukraine.

Putin and Schultz at the ‘Giant Table’ meeting in Moscow on February 15, 2022 Photo: Sputnik/Mikhail Klementev/Kremlin via Reuters

At the same time, both the leaders of the United States and the United States Germany Welcoming the Russian President’s statement, Russian President Vladimir PutinThe spokesman added, according to Reuters, that diplomatic efforts must continue.

According to the public statement, Biden and Schulze believe that progress must be made in implementing the Minsk Protocols, an agreement signed between RussiaAnd UkraineAnd Germany And France to end the clashes in the eastern part of the Ukraine.

NATO says it sees no clear indication of Russia's withdrawal in Ukraine

NATO says it sees no clear indication of Russia’s withdrawal in Ukraine

The treaty was signed shortly after the Russians annexed Crimea in 2014, but it has not fully adhered to and reneged on its main objective, peace between the two countries.

For some experts, Kiev sees the agreements as the restoration of the entire region. For the Russians, the agreement gives them the possibility to veto a future Ukraine.

on Tuesday, and Russia Announced The beginning of the withdrawal of some forces who were carrying out military exercises on the border with UkraineThe Defense Ministry said the soldiers were returning to their bases.

According to Interfax, the ministry’s spokesman, Igor Konashenkov, said that major military exercises in the region have not ended, but soldiers from the southern and western regions have completed the maneuvers and will begin to return to the bases. It was not specified how many soldiers would have to leave the area.

The initiative is welcomed Joe Biden And other Western leaders, but still with caution, as this can not be verified yet.

“Our analysts indicate that they remain in a very dangerous situation, and the fact that Russia More than 150,000 soldiers are flying Ukraine Belarus, along the borders Ukraine. It is clear that the invasion is still possible.” The President of the United States said In a statement.

a Russia More than 100,000 soldiers were stationed in areas of its lands close to the border with Ukraine.

moreover Russia Troops were sent to Belarus for military exercises scheduled to end on February 20. So Ukraine It is almost completely surrounded by the Russian army.

The Russian government has denied having plans to attack the neighboring country, but is demanding legal guarantees Ukraine will not join NATO (Otan), which are considered non-negotiable by other countries and the organization itself.

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