July 22, 2024

Biden talks about the ‘crisis of confidence’ in American companies

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Biden talks about the 'crisis of confidence' in American companies
Biden talks about the 'crisis of confidence' in American companies

The US President has stressed that the youth should work to heal the wounds of the country

President of United States, Joe BidenRegrets that “Crisis of hope”In American companies. Democrat Spoke The company he attended at the graduation ceremony of the University of Delaware on Saturday (May 28, 2022).

Biden called on young people to work to heal the country’s wounds. “This is not the time to stand on the sidelines“, He said.”You should all be involved in public life and in the life of this nation.

The US President said that today’s youth are part of a generation.Very generous, very tolerant, low-minded, very polite“Of history United States.

Your generation, more than others, must answer the questions: Who are we? What do we support? What do we believe? Who will we be?

When talking about Attack on a Texas schoolAt least 21 people were killed, Biden saidEvil“Come to the educational institution”Innocents died in many places”.

The Democrats declared it possible.Make America Safe”. He called “All Americans must join hands and make their voices heard”.

You can make a difference, you can uplift the country, you can meet the challenges of our time.Biden said.

We do many things well”, Announced. “Sometimes we fail. This is true in our own lives. This is true in the life of the nation. Still, democracy makes progress possible. Progress comes when we begin to see each other again as enemies and not as neighbors.

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