January 31, 2023
Bieber with suspense, rocker Demi Lovato and the crowd for Luisa Sonza: How was the third day of rock music in Rio |  Rock in Rio 2022

Bieber with suspense, rocker Demi Lovato and the crowd for Luisa Sonza: How was the third day of rock music in Rio | Rock in Rio 2022

The first weekend of rock music at Rio 2022 ended with a day dedicated to pop music. Amidst rumors that he would cancel a show at the festival, Justin Bieber appeared and performed in a relaxed performance, almost in slow motion.

Demi Lovato, who previously played on the main stage with a pop-punk vibe, seemed out of place: He could have done better on Green Day.

On Sunday, there was also a sting from Emesida in organizing the festival due to the political demonstrations and Matoi’s protest on his skateboard.

Luisa Sunza was underestimated. While Jota Quest delivered a predictable show with low occupancy on Mundo Stage, there was a lack of breathing space in the singer’s audience on the sunset stage.

The rain that came and went didn’t dampen the concerts of Isa, Gilberto Gil, Family, Wenderson Nunes in the rapper version and more.

See how other performances were on rock’s first weekend in Rio:

The festival returns on Thursday (8) for the second weekend that runs until Sunday (11). The following titles are Guns N’ Roses, Green Day, Coldplay and Dua Lipa.

Justin Bieber sings to the crowd at a rock band in Rio – Photo: clone

Justin Bieber relaxed and almost slow motion, as if he was walking into the living room of his house, closed the first weekend of rock music in Rio, Sunday (4). The 28-year-old and 12-year-old singer combined strength, talent and the cries of the great believers. Canadian fans have approved every new album of “Justice” and older hits.

In “Hold on”, second on the list, he took off his sunglasses for the first time, to a general frenzy. “Rio, how do you feel? I’m grateful to be here today, we’re going to have a great night,” he confirmed, before singing “Holy.” Read more.

Justin Bieber sings Love Yourself at Rock in Rio 2022

Demi Lovato Makes the Rock Version of Don't Forget

Demi Lovato Makes the Rock Version of Don’t Forget

Demi Lovato confirmed expectations and delivered a seemingly misplaced show from Sunday’s most underrated lineup. The American singer, who recently turned 30, is back in Brazil with a tour of the album “Holy Fvck”, with a pop-punk imprint that will collide with Green Day and Avril Lavigne, next Friday (9). Read more.

Gilberto Gil performs on the third day of the rock band at Rio 2022 – Photo: Bruna Prado / AP

The 80-year-old singer faced a much smaller audience than his early age crowd at the same venue, but had a nice family party. Everyone on the sunset stage sang from start to finish the 14 songs Jill played, including “Drão,” “Tempo Rei,” and “Aquele Abraço.” 13-year-old Fleur, daughter of Bella Gil, sang with her grandfather the song “Garota de Ipanema” and it was transmitted even before it began. Read more.

Fleur Gil is touched and cries before he sings with Gilberto Gil

Fleur Gil is touched and cries before he sings with Gilberto Gil

Emicida performs on Day 3 of Rock in Rio 2022 – Photo: Marcos Serra Lima / g1

He abandoned the radio songs that could cheer up those who were just passing by to give priority to the heavier, more reactive part of the repertoire. “Some people say it’s not polite to talk about politics on the festival stage. But if I’m alive here, it’s because Racionais decided to talk about politics 30 years ago,” he said. It was like a prick in a rockstar in Rio. The festival’s vice president, Roberta Medina, made statements against political demonstrations at musical events. Read more.

Emeseda's response to the public outcry against Bolsonaro: 'Do it at the polls'

Emeseda’s response to the public outcry against Bolsonaro: ‘Do it at the polls’

Eza performing at Rock in Rio – Photo: Stephanie Rodriguez / J1

She invested in R&B in a show with old songs and her mother plays the piano. “Meu Talismã” was the highlight of the show, but songs released two days earlier cooled the performance. A great band has contributed to great R&B arrangements. Read more.

Luisa Sonza and Marina Sina

Luisa Sonza welcomes Marina Sina to the sunset platform at Rock in Rio – Photo: Marcos Serra Lima/g1

It was hard to find a place to watch the show. Stepping into the sunset stage, she showed that she would look better on the world stage. In addition to space, there was a lack of sound capacity to meet everyone’s needs. Marina Sina has appeared for three duets, including the song “Por supuesto”. Luisa played guitar solos and praised Marilia Mendonca in “The Best Alone”, which has a transcription recorded with the singer. Read more.

Luisa Sonza honors Marilia Mendonca

Luisa Sonza honors Marilia Mendonca

Jota Quest at Mundo Theater – Photo: Sthepanie Rodrigues/g1

For the fourth time at the festival, the band, which has not released a new album since 2015, did not have the opportunity to surprise, but it made the people who partially occupied the audience happy. In addition to having couples cuddle each other in “Fácil” and friends to hop together in “Do seu lado,” singer Rogério Flausino demonstrated a flag of “Amazônia livre” and gave a speech in defense of the environment. Read more.

Matoi protests Bolsonaro – Photo: Marcos Serra Lima / g1

Matwe opened the day with rap and skateboarding – several skaters performed tricks during the presentation on the slopes installed on the sides and in the back of the stage. Towards the end of the show – which lasted just under an hour – Matwe made a silent protest against the president, holding a skateboard with the words “Fora Bozo” on it during the song “Kenny G”. Read more.

Matwey sings Charlie Brown Jr. during sunset

Matwey sings Charlie Brown Jr. during sunset

Tati Cuibra Baraco participates in the Boccha show at the Espaco Favela – Photo: Rogerio Fidalgo / Agnews

At the Espaço Favela, Buchecha presented a romantic pocket show with many funk melody stones from the times of the duet with Claudinho and the feat with Tati Quebra Barraco. The singer became emotional when talking about his partner. “How I wish our brothers were here. The boy left us at the age of 26 and he left in 2002. How I wish he was here.” Read more.

Lil Wind (Wenderson Nunes)

Whindersson never sings at Rock in Rio 2022 – Photo: Braulio Lorentz/g1

Whindersson Nunes introduced his version of rapper, Lil Whind, to a curious audience who didn’t know much about the songs, except for those near the Supernova stage. Between one trap and another, Wayne distributed several sneakers. He warned that “by the end of the show there will be more ‘Jordans’, but you have to sing it right, sing it out loud.” “I know you guys like free stuff.” Read more.

Lucy Alves performs in Rock at Rio 2022 – Photo: Carlos Prieto / G1

In a short show, the singer and actress who will appear in the upcoming 9pm TV series established the link between rock music in Rio 2022 and Tim Maia’s work. Accompanied by a sharp orchestra, she reinterpreted some of Síndico’s major songs on the Rock District stage and found space to introduce Northeastern music influences – the basis of her work. Read more.