BigFlo and Oli at the Stadium of Toulouse, 27 years after Michael Jackson !

BigFlo et Oli au Stadium de Toulouse 27 ans après Michael Jackson !

BigFlo and Oli are back with a third album that triumph ! And the two rappers are going to play at the Stadium in Toulouse, 27 years after Michael Jackson.

BigFlo and Oli are experiencing a real success with their third album, ” The dream life “. And the two rappers have already planned their tour which will, of course, Toulouse, their home city. But be careful they will perform at the stadium in Toulouse ! True emblem of music as the last artist to be spent there is no other than Michael Jackson ! MCE tells you more.

BigFlo and Oli at the stadium de Toulouse !

Both rappers wished, and they will ! In fact, the two brothers will go through the pink city, but more precisely at the Toulouse Stadium. This is the first time in 27 years that the Stadium hosts a concert. The last artist to have played on this stage was Michael Jackson, the King of pop !

In fact, BigFlo and Oli had already expressed their desire to produce at the Stadium. AND Toulouse Métropole has thus confirmed their request. The concert promises to be rich in emotion for the two rappers. They will, therefore, on may 25, 2019Proposition accepted by Toulouse Metropolis, which announces to put the stadium at the disposal of the two artists, where they will be in concert on Saturday, may 25, 2019.

The last singer has to have played in this places was Michael Jackson 27 years ago, in 1992. Before him there was David Bowie in 1987.
The box office will open its doors on Wednesday, December 12 from 10 hours. BigFlo and Oli will be playing in front of 33,000 people !

BigFlo and Oli continues an inkwell solo ?

In fact, more than one group has been separated because the members wanted to continue in a solo career. But do not panic, this does not seem to be the case for the duo from toulouse. Interviewed by Télé Loisirs, Oli explained that this is not the order of the day. “There are no plans at all to work on one without the other,” he confided. Oli explains, however, that, even if they remain a group, the two brothers also have their own projects. “This will not prevent us from doing songs solo or work for others,” he explained.

And, of course, the two brothers not hearing no all the time ! BigFlo and Oli confide that everything is not always rosy between them. Florian says that the two brothers take the lead ” all the days “. “In the words of our songs, people may think that me and Oli, it’s always cool that there was never trouble. It is the opposite in fact, but it is normal I think : the more one loves, the more it is complicated. “says a young man.


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