Bilal Hassani candidate for Eurovision ? He confirms this on Twitter !

Bilal Hassani candidat pour l’Eurovision ? Il confirme cela sur Twitter !

Bilal Hassani proved a massive hit with his songs on Youtube. The young singer could well be a candidate to represent France in the Eurovision !

Bilal Hassani has become very popular in a few years. The singer could soon represent France for the Eurovision 2019 !

Bilal Hassani : It proved a massive hit on Youtube with his songs !

Bilal Hassani is known in 2015 thanks to the show The Voice kids. The singer had joined the team of Patrick Fiori while he was only 14 years old. The latter had managed to acquire its first fans passing on Tf1 and since then he has made a good part of the way. Three years after, the singer proved a massive hit on Youtube with his chain where it counts already more than 580,000 fans.

The young singer fully accepts and his look shifted seems to please his fans. The latter inspired many people and he does not hesitate to fight against the harassment. Moreover, it receives many threats every day because of his sexual orientation. However, this does not hit and continue to achieve its greatest dreams !

Bilal Hassani : It confirms his candidacy for the Eurovision !

Bilal Hassani has many dreams in the head. Indeed, it may well make one very soon. For the past several days, rumors annonçent that the latter could be a candidate for the Eurovision contest in 2019. Thursday, 6 December, he confirmed it on the social networks and he is hoping to unseat Mrs. Mr. and represent France for the 64th edition !

“I have participated in destination eurovision. “ He wrote on Instagram.

The singer is hoping to have the chance to represent France for the new year. Indeed, it has even worked with Mrs. Mr. on a whole new song to put all the chances on his side. The Eurovision 2019 will take place on 14 to 18 may 2019 in Israel. We will know very soon if Bilal Hassani will be part of the candidates ! In any case, this already looks like a very nice project for him. In addition to this, it was signed very recently in a house with a drive and realized one of his dreams !


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