March 26, 2023

Bill Gates brewing? The billionaire invests $902 million in Heineken stock

One of the richest men in the world has expanded his investments. Bill Gates He bought a stake in Heineken, one of the largest breweries in the world. The billionaire acquired a 3.76% stake in Dutch beverage giant Heineken Holding NV. The investment amounted to 902 million US dollars.

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According to a report by the Dutch Financial Markets Authority (AFM), the shares were bought by Bill Gates on February 17 this year, benefiting from the sale of 18 million shares by Femsa.

Bill Gates buys a stake in Heineken

Was the billionaire a big beer drinker? Apparently, no. In 2018, Bill Gates admitted that he is not a heavy drinker.

There is no denying that Gates had a vision early on and knew how to identify the best investments. Of course, he wouldn’t let this opportunity pass him by!

The report indicated that Gates bought 10.8 million shares, with a total investment of 883 million euros. Femsa is a Mexican multinational company with activities in several sectors, such as beverages, trade and logistics.

The company is one of the largest beverage manufacturers in Latin America, and is known for popular brands around the world, such as Coca-Cola.

She decided to sell her stake in Heineken and the billionaire seized the opportunity to make another investment. Until then, Femsa was the second largest shareholder of Heineken, but decided to revise the strategy.

The report shows that Gates purchased 6.65 million shares of Heineken Holding individually and another 4.18 million shares through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


Heineken shows growth in Brazil in 2022, with a 30% increase in revenue. Among the factors for a good outcome are an increase in the share of the premium portfolio, price adjustments and an increase in volume.

Data from Exame Invest shows that global revenue grew by 30.4% to €34.68 billion. The company’s net profit fell 19% to €2.68 billion with an impact on the fair value of its stake in India’s United Breweries.