Bill Walton raves Alabama, UCSF basketball game in a long monologue from ESPN

Bill Walton, Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, appeared on ESPN “College GameDay” Sunday morning before NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 matches.

Walton played college basketball at UCLA from 1971 to 1974, winning the National Basketball Association titles in 1972 and 1973.

He had a lot of thoughts on Sunday UCLA men’s basketball match versus Alabama.

“When I see the underdogs, the University of California, Los Angeles and Oregon, it’s the same – get the other team to play your game,” Walton said. “You’re not going to be able to keep up with the great sports in Alabama and Houston, where they run everywhere, throw the ball violently and then sprint to the ball.”

Oregon, No. 12, and Houston, No. 2, play in Elite 8 on Monday evening.

“That’s what UCL and Oregon have now – both teams are very similar,” Walton said. “They love their coaches. They came from the depths – the depths of the world of truck parking. Now, all of a sudden, they’re on top of the mountain. But they have to keep going. Just getting here means nothing, only one team can win. I’ve never met a hero who was so happy to have it.” Second place. No, you have to come and accomplish this mission. That comes from the start of the game to come out and become yours. ”

Walton then praised UCLA for their 8-9 transformation in the middle of the 2019-20 season. As noted by ESPN College Basketball Analyst Jay Bellas As “Jake”.

“One of the great things about UCLA is that in 14 months, this team has gone from nothing to being on the cusp of another tournament,” Walton said. And never forget, Jake, UCLA has the most tournaments out of all the programs out there – three championships ahead of Kentucky. And who knows who’s behind it.

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UCLA men’s basketball has won 11 National Basketball Association titles for men in the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The most recent one came in 1995.

“At tournament level, who can make the shot,” Walton said. A must-have (UCLA Guard) Tiger Campbell, And it should be good ball movement. Because none of these players – I haven’t seen a player in the entire tournament, for any team, who can consistently create their own shot at tournament level. ”

Campbell is fourth at UCLA with 10.1 points per game. He leads the team with 158 passes to enter Sweet 16.

“This is a team that doesn’t have a lot of size, strength and speed, but they play with a heart and they love their coach and they will do anything for their coach,” Walton said. “As UCLA alumni, we are very proud of the job Mick Cronin it’s over. This guy has come in keeping the team in good shape, playing hard, playing together as a team, playing to win, and improving over time. This is the job of the coach. And Bruins, the Championship League representative, is absolutely amazing. ”

Cronin is in his second season as a UC Men’s Basketball coach.

Walton concluded, “We are not here to hang out. We have come to play. We are the Conference of Champions. There are no truck stops here.”

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UCLA and Alabama are scheduled to play at Sweet 16 at 6:15 PM CT on Sunday, March 28.

No. 2 seeds Alabama It comes in the match 26-6 overall. On Monday, Alabama beat Maryland 96-77 in the second round of the NCAA Championship.

No. 11 Classifier University of California He generally enters the game 20-9. UCLA beat Abilene Christian 67-47 in the second round of the NCAA Championship on Monday.

Here’s more Alabama basketball news:

With Sunday’s entry, UCL tops the all-time series 3-2 versus Alabama.

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