November 30, 2022
Billionaires like Bill Gates and Zuckerberg are looking for a new professional

Billionaires like Bill Gates and Zuckerberg are looking for a new professional

Companies all over the world are betting big on Metaverse. The big names in technology never stop thinking of ways to develop more actions in this virtual universe that replicates reality. That’s why billionaires Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are looking for professionals who can build technology.

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metaverse is direction For the coming years, whether in the gaming world, job market, education or any other use; The important thing is to create amazing things! No wonder some professions are becoming more private to shorten the distance between the physical and virtual worlds.


As predicted by the world’s major financial institutions, metaviruses should move to $13 trillion in a short time. Expectations were so high that billionaire Bill Gates said he expects within three years all Microsoft business meetings will be in the Metaverse zone.

But for this to be possible, the market needs great professionals who are able to cater to the metaverse. The problem is precisely the lack of people authorized.

That is why some companies are already offering high salaries to retain professionals with the most advanced knowledge of this technology.

This means that everything will change the profile of professions in the coming years, yet programmers continue to be indispensable professionals in the process. The market will also demand more designers to create more attractive environments.

Observing the emerging scenario, professionals from different areas are already searching the new metaverse knowledge to prepare for the demand growing, especially in the next two years.