July 22, 2024

BitcoinWill and Amazon founder disagree with Joe Biden on inflation

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BitcoinWill and Amazon founder disagree with Joe Biden on inflation
BitcoinWill and Amazon founder disagree with Joe Biden on inflation

whale Bitcoin Amazon founder Jeff Bezos disputed Joe Biden’s claims about how to fight inflation. The billionaires speech came after the president of the United States declared that he should take a different position with the richest companies.

The year 2022 is marked by a general rise in prices around the world, a phenomenon known as economic inflation. Regarding the reasons for this lack of control, much differs about the origins of this problem, which usually affects the poorest people.

However, what is remarkable is that uncontrolled inflation is observed in the major fiat currencies of the world, such as the dollar, the euro and even the Brazilian real. In other words, the problem is of global scope and how it will be solved is the main point of analysis of economists in the central banks that manage such currencies.

Joe Biden proposes taxing big corporations to fight inflation

The official account of US President Joe Biden made a controversial statement about inflation, stating that to control this increase in prices, big companies will have to pay more taxes to the government.

Do you want to reduce inflation? Let’s make sure the richer companies pay their fair share.”

This issue raises a number of points, such as that tax increases are bad for companies to hire new employees. In other words, controlling inflation without controlling the unemployment rate may not produce the same results in practice.

It is worth noting that Joe Biden himself published Also on his Twitter that he has invested in agriculture, so that Producers produce more to reduce costs to consumers.

That is, while the US president defends investments to improve production to lower prices, he also defends that companies pay more taxes, and billionaires have criticized him for his seemingly confused rhetoric.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos slams Joe Biden over inflation talk, backed by Bitcoin whale

Currently the world’s second-richest man, Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and Blue Origin, some of the largest companies in the US, wasn’t happy to see Biden talk about inflation.

In response to the US president, Bezos said talk of inflation is misinformation that should be re-evaluated for a more accurate report.

“The newly created Disinformation Council should review this tweet, or perhaps they need to form a new board of non-chainers. Raising corporate taxes is good for discussion. Taming inflation is key to the discussion. Putting them together is just a confusion.”

By observing the speech of fellow entrepreneur and billionaire Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy and a big Bitcoin whale with his company, it’s over. say what or what”Wars cause inflation and peace lowers pricesnoting that Biden should focus on ending conflict around the world.

The billionaires’ reactions were few that disagreed with Joe Biden, another president having to deal with his country’s high inflation and suggesting he will take action, even those disagreements.

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