July 24, 2024

Black Friday: 87% of Brazilians want to buy in this edition – Economy

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Black Friday: 87% of Brazilians want to buy in this edition - Economy
Black Friday: 87% of Brazilians want to buy in this edition - Economy

Brazilians should buy more at Black Fridy 2021 than last year. A survey conducted by Pelando, a shopping social network that monitors promotions in online stores, showed that more than 87% of consumers intend to buy something during the event.

The survey showed that 61% of consumers already know what to buy, while 38% are undecided.

The most sought after products are cell phones, smartphones and laptops. Check out the top ten list according to purchase intent:

1. Cell phones and smart phones
2. Notebook
3. Video card
4. Clothes
5. Smart TV
6. Refrigerator
7. Air fryer
8. Gaming chair
9. Surveillance
10. Video game

With an average investment between R$1,000 and R$2,000, most respondents should make their purchases in online stores (84%), while 16% intend to use online and physical stores.

The survey also shows that most consumers prioritize four factors when making a purchase:

• Good price (68.5%).
• Free Shipping (12%);
• Discount coupons (8.8%). And
• Trust in the store (5.6%).

On the other hand, the high cost of shipping eliminates 32.4% of respondents, followed by a store with a poor or unknown rating (28.5%), negative comments from other consumers (20.6%) and few payment terms (8%).

Focusing on the super Black Friday promotions, more than 68% of the interviewed group stated that they had started programming beforehand.

How to choose the best payment method for online purchases

Amazon, Americanas, and Magazine Luiza top store preferences for Brazilian consumers.

On the other hand, the national wish list consists of electronics, which quickly shows 71.4% of purchase intentions, followed by computers (56.9%), cell phones and smartphones (38.3%) and home appliances (33%).

The survey was conducted in September and involved more than 350 people from all over Brazil.

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