January 29, 2023
Black Friday Amazon - 61 items for travelers with the biggest discounts

Black Friday Amazon – 61 items for travelers with the biggest discounts

The Black Friday 2022 From Amazon starting today, November 25th, at up to 70% off! The offer also provides free shipping on many products and payment in up to 10 interest-free installments for subscribers. Site.

To help our travel readers, we’ve included some Accessories Travel with good discounts on Black Friday on Amazon. It should be noted that some offers may expire quickly, depending on available stock. So if you are already thinking of purchasing any of these items, it is worth taking advantage of.

We try to list the cheapest products on Amazon, but we know prices are dynamic, so it’s worth researching other stores before buying.

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Some electronic devices are interesting to some travelers, such as those who like to take good pictures with their mobile phones, listen to music during the flight or read a digital book, so we have included some additional options with good discounts. The highlight of the Kindle is high quality bluetooth speakers at good prices! We also include the Echo Dot – even though it’s not a travel device, the prices are great!

  1. The third generation of Sada Dot: 179.10
  2. Sada Dot fourth generation: 206.10 Brazilian reals
  3. Echo Show 8 software: 719.10 Brazilian reals
  4. Echo Show 10: 1349.10 Brazilian reals
  5. Kindle 10th generation: 319 Brazilian reals
  6. Amazon wireless headphones: 624.60 Brazilian reals
  7. Haylou smart watch: 217.49 Brazilian reals
  8. Amazfit smart watch: 469 Brazilian reals
  9. Apple iPhone 12 (128 GB): 4599 Brazilian reals
  10. Apple iPhone 14 (128 GB): 6220.77 Brazilian reals
  11. Dell laptop: 1999 Brazilian Real
  12. mobile phone charger: 79.90 Brazilian reals
  13. HERO5 Bluetooth Headset: 142.49 Brazilian reals
  14. GoPro HERO11 Camera: 3,391.90 Brazilian reals
  15. GoPro HERO9 Camera: 1980 Brazilian Real
  16. JBL Bluetooth Speaker: 274.90 Brazilian reals
  17. Philips Bluetooth Wired Headset: 92.99 BRL
  18. Motorola Bluetooth Headset: 257.14 Brazilian reals
  19. TWS Bluetooth Headset: 119.90 Brazilian real

my work

One of those items the MD team recommends for getting the most out of the ride. It has well-priced items every traveler needs in their suitcase, from digital scales to luggage organizers!

  1. Travel organizer – 6 pieces: 73.09 Brazilian reals
  2. Multiplexer 5 binary sockets: 67.46 Brazilian reals
  3. Travel organizers 8 pieces: 88.40 Brazilian reals
  4. Travel Organizers with Toiletries – 6 Pieces: 41.99 BRL
  5. a lock: 29.90 Brazilian reals
  6. Travel kit for toiletries: 25.90 Brazilian reals
  7. digital scale: 27.50 Brazilian reals
  8. Olympicos Men’s Shoes: 114.99 BRL
  9. Olympicos Women’s Shoes: 97.99 BRL
  10. automatic pet feeder: 638.50 Brazilian reals
  11. automatic pet feeder: 826.70 Brazilian reals
  12. beach chair: 73.95 Brazilian reals
  13. smartphone bag: 76.97 Brazilian reals
  14. thermal backpack: 145.14 Brazilian reals
  15. Set with 4 UV50 protection shirts: 169.90 Brazilian real
  16. Folding laptop table: 116.90 Brazilian real
  17. Raw Men’s Sports Shoes: 119.90 Brazilian real
  18. Mizuno Women’s Sneakers: 189.99 BRL
  19. New Balance Women’s Shoes: 419 Brazilian reals
  20. hair removal: 184.40 Brazilian reals
  21. Natural Deodorant Pull-On 63 mg: 53.91 Brazilian reals
  22. Hearing protection: 43.90 Brazilian reals
  23. sleep mask: 41.28 Brazilian reals
  24. sleep mask: 46 Brazilian reals
  25. sleep mask: 36.90 Brazilian reals
  26. passport: 92.90 Brazilian reals
  27. passport: 42.90 Brazilian reals
  28. thermos: 109.50 Brazilian real
  29. Stanley thermos: 199.90 Brazilian real
  30. wet tissue: 16.50 Brazilian reals

Travel bags and backpacks

Finally, we break down some bags and backpacks with Amazon’s Black Friday discounts.

  1. Polo King M Handbag: 281.99 BRL
  2. mobile bag: 277.40 Brazilian reals
  3. Kit with women’s bag + toiletry bag + purse: 109.90 Brazilian real
  4. notebook backpack: 79 Brazilian reals
  5. hand bag: 83 Brazilian reals
  6. anti theft women backpack: 99.20 Brazilian reals
  7. Unisex Tribeca Backpack: 199.90 Brazilian reals
  8. Altmont Active LW Backpack: 529.90 Brazilian reals
  9. mobile bag: 251.52 Brazilian reals
  10. Samsonite Backpack: 283.71 Brazilian reals
  11. Pathos Backpack: 159.90 Brazilian real
  12. Polo King Large Luggage: 330.15 Brazilian reals

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We’ve already shown it in Melhores Destinos 25 must-have accessories for your trip. Our selection today was based on these suggestions and also on the percentage discount applied to Amazon Black Friday, so it is possible that you will find similar products cheaper on other sites and even on Amazon.

In addition, we have included some electronic devices that may be of interest to some travelers, such as those who travel frequently for work.

Did you see any other must-have travel items at a good discount on Amazon’s Black Friday? Tell us!