December 5, 2022
Black panther: 7 strange facts about this amazing animal

Black panther: 7 strange facts about this amazing animal

Marvel’s Black Panther possesses superhuman strength, speed, and agility, and according to character creator Stan Lee, all of these abilities are inspired by giant cats that live in the jungle. See below some of the characteristics that make the Black Panther a superhero in real life.

1. Black panthers are actually panthers or tigers

Like the Marvel character, the term “Black Panther” is fictional. In fact, big black cats exist in real life, but they are tigers or melanogaster, that is, they are animals whose fur contains more melanin. This feature is prevalent, for how long Ordinary Jaguar If you are breeding with a dark tiger, there is a higher chance that the puppies will have a black coat. In the video above, for example, we can see a mother jaguar with her cub, Al Melanin.


Jaguars that live here in Brazil can also develop a black coat. (Source: Shutterstock)

In addition to Africa, the continent where Wakanda is also located in fiction, there are the Black Panthers Found in Asia, Central and South America🇧🇷 In the first, melanistic tigers were found. The Americas are tiger territory, including Brazil.

3. His claws are retractable.

His claws are retractable, just like those of a Marvel character.  (Source: Shutterstock)His claws are retractable, just like those of a Marvel character. (Source: Shutterstock)

Marvel’s Black Panther’s retractable vibranium claws were directly influenced by the natural traits of tigers and jaguars. According to researcher Craig Savoy of the National Zoo and Smithsonian Conservation Institute, each toe of these animals has a ligament attached to a claw that is retracted when not in use. This ensures that they remain protected and sharp.

4. Additional camouflage

Because they have a darker coat, the black panther gains an added advantage when hunting. Cats in general tend to be very active at night and the black hair ensures that these animals can be more stealthy when hiding from their prey.

5. Climbing trees is no problem

Running away from a tiger is a very difficult task, as they are fast, swim well and it wouldn’t even be safe to climb trees. Cheetahs can climb using their claws. To cling to the bark of trees. In addition to climbing to catch prey that is trying to hide, these cats still have a habit of swooping down prey caught on the ground up into trees in order to eat in peace. Jaguars can also climb trees, but since fighting hyenas or lions is not part of their lives, it is not uncommon for them to do so.

6. They are very efficient swimmers

Unlike your pet cat who probably hates water, cheetahs and tigers are excellent swimmers. Since jaguars live in Central and South America and these areas tend to have more water available, they have a habit of going into the water to play, cool off, and relax. Besides hunting, of course.

7. Your vision is much better than ours

Vision is one of the superpowers of these cats.  (Source: Shutterstock)Vision is one of the superpowers of these cats. (Source: Shutterstock)

In Marvel, Black Panther used his suit’s night vision optics to find enemies at night. In real life, black panthers do not need any additional technology, as their eyes absorb more light and this makes them see 6 to 7 times better than us humans.