July 14, 2024

Blackmailed, Christian brutally made for Tullio’s death TV News

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Blackmailed, Christian brutally made for Tullio's death TV News
Blackmailed, Christian brutally made for Tullio's death TV News

Christian / Renato Kawa Raymond will have a chance to get rid of thulium (Daniel Dantas) in place in the sun. The fake will be exposed next week by the executive who will blackmail her and force him to commit atrocities. Husband Rebecca (Andrea Beltrau), though, you’ll have a heart attack in front of the enemy. Alone with the impostor, the rapist will decide not to ask for help and will watch him die in front of him.

The scene will be cut short with Tullius about to die in the chapter that will take place Aired the next day 18, Saturday. Author Lícia Manzo will leave the excitement of what is going to “kill” the viewer out of curiosity until 20, when the series shows the continuation of the sequence.

Everything indicates that the novelist will not let her opponent die so easily, after all, the mother of Lugar or Sol is still in its infancy. The plot will air until March next year.

However, the story “plays cat and mouse” with Tulio and Christian in a dangerous game, where every two or three chapters of one of the “rivals” turns the game in their favour.

Christian will advance the discovery of the enemy’s extramarital affair and also obtain evidence He stole his father-in-law, Santiago (José de Abreu). Tullio then reveals the mask of Renato’s twin brother and holds it in his hands. These scenes will be broadcast early next week.

Christian and Tulio will face each other

Christian and Tulio will have a fierce duel in the telenovela

Later, Rebecca’s husband will play the doll’s son-in-law. He will have to rob the company and shoot Ravi (Juan Paiva). When the circus catches fire, the house for Daniel Dantas’ character falls. Your wife will ask for separation and kick you out of the house.

Then he will fall ill and be at the mercy of Christian, who will choose between letting him die in front of him or saving the life of the man whose life he is ruining.

How does Tullius reveal the mask on Christian?

larra Andrea Horta will be responsible To dismantle the farce of the hero For Lecia Manzo’s plot. Back in Rio de Janeiro, she will be working as a chef in a restaurant that Tulio frequents and will be shocked to see the photo of her ex-boyfriend’s twin brother on her veteran’s cell phone.

You’ll be nosy, take the customer’s cell phone and end up getting kicked out of the place by security. A few days later, she and the manager of the Redentor will meet again. In a granddaughter’s talk nuka Marietta Severo will explain that she believes the two identical men met on the night of Christian’s murder.

The lawsuit will then investigate the past Renato. Tullio and Ruth (Pathé DeJesus) go to the boy’s old building and ask to see the security camera footage on the night one of the brothers was murdered. The lovers will confirm that the twins were together and will also conclude that they changed their clothes.

melting barbaric (Alinne Moraes) will still confirm someone’s death at the IML (Institute of Forensic Medicine). Tullio will say, “The body was admitted at 2:48 a.m. This is proof that he died before. Before that photo, do you understand?”

“Yes, because if he was already dead at 2:48 a.m., it would be impossible for him to enter the building at 4:20 a.m. Oh my God. And there’s more. It’s described here in the report, see: Renato’s tattoo. You know what that is. I mean, don’t you know?”, the engineer adds.

place in the sun It is a novel written by Lecia Manzo It will consist of 107 chapters. The whole plot was registered due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Check out the chapter summaries of the TV series at 9 AM that the news Posted daily.

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