September 30, 2023
Blair repels criticism after receiving the British Knighthood

Blair repels criticism after receiving the British Knighthood

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair, who was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II, on Sunday hit back at critics who oppose discrimination because of the politician’s conduct during Britain’s military intervention in Iraq.

A dedicated, charismatic and energetic reformer, now Sir Tony Blair, 68, was one of Britain’s most popular prime ministers, to the point of being re-elected three times. But the biography and reputation of the knight was irreparably damaged after the decision to involve the country in the Iraq war in 2003.

More than 1.1 million people have signed an online petition calling for the award to be rescinded, which was announced when the Queen’s list of New Year’s entrants was published, accusing him of being responsible for “war crimes”. Elizabeth 2 He has been called a Knight Officer of the Highest Order of Rabat, the oldest equestrian honour.

In response to the controversy created by this act, the former head of government (1997-2007) stated that he accepted to honor “not me as a person”, but also those who were “loyal and committed” collaborators, and who had contributed “to many changes in the country”.

“Of course people will be very opposed to it. It was something expected,” he told Radio Times, stressing that a lot of people remember “just [da Guerra] Iraq, not the rest.”