Blanchet wants to be the voice of the government caquiste in Ottawa

Blanchet veut être le porte-voix du gouvernement caquiste à Ottawa

The leader of the Bloc québécois, Yves-François Blanchet, undertakes to carry the message of the government caquiste in Ottawa, including on contentious issues such as immigration and identity.

“It is intrinsic to the mandate of the Bloc québécois to be the bearer of the voice of Quebec in Ottawa, regardless of the government, which is in the national Assembly,” said Mr. Blanchet, on Friday, in Montreal, at the end of a meeting with prime minister François Legault.

According to him, the arrival of the government of the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ), “resolutely nationalist uninhibited”, will certainly provide tensions with Ottawa, and it is for the Bloc to defend its claims.

“The Trudeau government is the main obstacle to the achievement of the mandates that the Québécois have just handed to the Coalition avenir Québec. We can’t go against that, and that is what Quebecers have chosen”, he explained.

On the decrease of the thresholds of immigration, for example, Mr. Blanchet is well-kept to give his opinion, but he pointed out that when the national Assembly took a decision “because this is the result of the election”, the Block must defend it.

The government caquiste expects to receive approximately 10,000 new arrivals less in 2019, in the three categories: economic immigrants, refugees and those from the family reunification program.

However, the government should reach agreement with Ottawa for the last two categories, because Quebec does not have jurisdiction over them. The government of Justin Trudeau seems rather reluctant to this request.

In bearing the message of a nationalist government, but a federalist, the head bloquiste seems to be closer to the traditional mission of the Bloc québécois, which is to defend the interests of Quebec. In the last month, under the reign fractious of the former chief Martine Ouellet, several debates have taken place within the party to determine whether it should first and foremost promote the independence, or to defend the interests of Quebec.

A referendum had been held in June on the mission of the Block. At the time, 65 percent of the members said that the Bloc québécois should, in its daily actions, to be the proponent of the option of independence.

Questioned on the subject, Mr. Blanchet has argued that the two tasks went hand in hand.

“There is no opposition between the independence and the interests of Quebec. When we are in the Bloc québécois, we are convinced that the independence and the interests of Quebec, it is ultimately one and the same thing.

“The interests of Quebec, this is what we will wear with passion between now and the day when the Quebecois have chosen the” sovereignty.”

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