February 5, 2023
Blumenau is changing the nomenclature and updating the coverage area of ​​the health units

Blumenau is changing the nomenclature and updating the coverage area of ​​the health units

The City of Blumenau, through the Department for Health Promotion (CMOS), has begun implementing changes in the naming, working hours and coverage area of ​​health units in the municipality, as of last Monday, 2.

The changes allow for the reorganization of primary care according to the reference model of the Ministry of Health (MS), being part of the consolidation of the Family Health Strategy (ESF) as a priority form of basic health in Brazil.

This procedure enables the implementation of 50 new Family Health Teams, certified by MS. As a result, planning took months and involved reorganizing some services and resizing the areas covered by the Family Health Units, in line with the new process of working and caring for residents in the FHS logic.

the changes

From next Monday, April 4, general outpatient clinics (AGs) will be called Family Health Units (USFs) and will have standardized operating hours. USF Haroldo Bachmann (USF Velha); USF Marilene G. de Aguiar (USF School of Agriculture); Sister Marta E. Kunzmann (USF Garcia) will be open Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

as well as USF Mário Jorge Vieira (USF Fortaleza); USF Guilherme Jensen (USF Itoupava); USF d. Diogo Vergara (USF Badenfurt) USF Heinz Schrader (USF Centro), which is also open Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. On Saturdays, USF Irmã Marta E. Kunzmann (USF Garcia) and USF Haroldo Bachmann (USF Velha) continue to operate from 7 a.m. to 12 noon.

Strategic Family Health Units (ESFs) remain with the same designations and, as of May 2, operate Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., with schedules standardizing. Prior to this change, the working hours of the health units were different.

Acting Secretary Oscar Rautenberg explains the importance of standardizing schedules. “The organization of primary care schedules takes into account the basics and guidelines of primary care from the Ministry of Health. He emphasizes that this change allows us to improve the management of the units as a whole, as well as facilitate the organization of integrated procedures promoted between the general outpatient clinics and the units of the Family Health Strategy.

Increase the number of teams

With these changes, Blumenau expands from 66 ESF teams to 116 family health teams, spread across 58 family health physical structures, enabling 100% city land coverage through primary care. Of these 50 new teams, six are in each of the seven general outpatient clinics and another seven are in existing health units, for which the number of teams will be expanded or adjusted.

New teams linked to existing structures:

ESF Armando Odebrecht III
He will be working temporarily at Rua Felipe Bauler, 2.155 – Itoupavazinha (attached to ESF Tereza Lescowitz)

Rua Bahia, 5.353 – Salto Weisbach

ESF Wilhelm T Schurmann II
Rua Perola do Vale, 377 – Itopava Central

Rua Joao Pessoa, 1858 – Velha

ESF Walter Ritter II
Rua Guilherme Boerner, 1280 – Filha

ESF Walter Ritter III
Rua Guilherme Boerner, 1280 – Filha

ESF and Destruction Veleski II
Rua General Osorio, 660-Velha

Services provided

The seven Family Health Units (USF) will provide multidisciplinary services with many specific services according to users’ needs. Among the professionals who integrate sites are a general practitioner, dentist, nurse, nursing assistant technician, oral health technician assistant, and community health agent.

As these are still reference spaces within the city’s seven mapped districts, the spaces will house a social worker, speech therapist, physical therapist, pharmacist, psychiatrist, pediatrician, endodontist, and RX-Odonto.

Updated regional

The Command Semus No. 870 Updates, in addition to the schedule, list the streets served by seven AGs and 66 ESF units. The 87-page document contains occasional changes to the redistribution of population among health units. Users will be able to check if there has been a change in the reference unit by accessing City Council website.

The Ministry of Health recommends regionalization of care, through the Unified Health System (SUS), and serves to organize services according to territory, that is, knowing the area, health teams working in neighborhoods can develop strategies in order to serve the townspeople.

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