September 21, 2023
Blumenau suspends voluntary counseling for a month to combat health collapse

Blumenau suspends voluntary counseling for a month to combat health collapse

The City of Blumenau announced this Wednesday, the 19th, that it is suspending elective consultations for the city’s ESF centers to focus on influenza syndrome care. Large queues formed by high demand remain on the city’s radar.

Patients with specific appointments will be searched by the health units. Follow-up pediatric consultations and pregnant women normally, as well as calls in the dispensary.

For Covid-19 cases or flu symptoms, the regional rule no longer works. That is, for these services it is not necessary to look up your ESF reference. For other calls, follow the rule.

The county asked that residents look for family health strategies rather than general outpatient clinics for testing. As of Monday, the 24th, all 58 health units will provide care for Covid-19 patients.

“Why would we focus on Vila Germanica if we could bring it closer to people?” , confirmed the mayor, who posted a comparison on social media to show how the service implemented last year will not work in this time of the pandemic.

Mario Hildebrandt / Disclosure

Health centers follow the complete vaccination schedule. As of 17:20 this Wednesday, the 19th, units still had vacancies for 120 booster potions and 55 places for 11-year-olds.

“If we didn’t have the vaccination, we would at this moment live in a scenario similar to the one in Manaus last year,” the mayor was quoted, recalling the lack of oxygen in the state of Amazonas. “With transmission of this species, we will have unbearable consequences for our health system,” he added.

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Changes in certificates

The period of certifications in Blumenau will change. For symptoms, a time of 10 to seven days will pass from the onset of symptoms. Anyone who has been in contact with symptoms, but not symptoms, should be isolated for five days after the last meeting.

In cases of acute respiratory infection, the period remains 20 days. Health professionals who have been in close contact with the virus will be tested, but will not need to be disposed of if they were vaccinated or had Covid-19 less than 90 days ago.

The asymptomatic test, planned to be conducted at city bus stops, had to be canceled after the city was unable to assemble a team and faced a state mandate to test only for symptoms.

“We have more than 90,000 tests and the possibility of another 15,000 tests coming from the state, but nevertheless, they are limited. In the Brazilian and international markets, the markets have practically sold out and returned to the price of gold,” the mayor explained.

Health Minister Winito Krampek also stressed the importance of looking for ESF factors for testing only if a patient has had at least two symptoms for more than three days.

The city council also indicated that about 15 companies have already expressed interest Bringing Covid-19 tests to their outpatient clinic. They are consulted by the Blumenau Business Association (Acib).

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