December 2, 2023
BNDES and Sebrae create fund for small businesses

BNDES and Sebrae create fund for small businesses

With the partnership between BNDES and Sebrae, it is estimated that the financing will initially support about R$4.5 billion.

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On Tuesday (12), the National Economic and Social Bank (BNDES) and the Brazilian Support Service for Small and Small Enterprises (Sebrae) signed a technical cooperation agreement to develop a guarantee fund focused exclusively on credit.

The initiative includes individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEIs), small businesses (ME) and small businesses (EPP). Thus, many financial institutions are expected to act as partners in the initiative.

It is estimated that the funding initially supports approximately R$4.5 billion, up to R$15 billion.

Guarantee money

Guarantee funds are developed to reduce the risk of credit operations of financial institutions. Thus, the new fund, called BNDES FGI Sebrae, should be available throughout Brazil from December of this year.

According to the agreement between BNDES and Sebrae, initially, 150 million R$ each will be invested, with the potential to reach 500 million R$.

Other services

In addition, the agreement provides for other services. In this way, individual micro-entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in micro and small businesses will receive guidance from Sebra through the Subsidized Credit Program.

Thus, the program will provide access to diagnostics, digital tools, content, training and consultancy in order to reduce the risk of default and increase the financial sustainability of the participating companies.

On the other hand, BNDES will provide access to its management platform to operate the new fund. A digital system used by many partner financial institutions, where more than R$100 billion has already been made available in credit operations.


Small and micro businesses are responsible for creating the most formal jobs in 2022. According to Sebra, a total of 700,590 formal jobs were created in the country between January and April of this year, of this amount, 585,56 thousand grew up in small businesses , which is 76% of the total.

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