December 9, 2022
Bobo does not play and slays Pele Landy with a devastating knockout in the first round

Bobo does not play and slays Pele Landy with a devastating knockout in the first round

Pele Landy (left) Bobo faces (right). Photo: Kaho Miranda

no kidding. Highlight Music show fight 2held this Sunday (25th), in Curitiba (PR), Acelino Popó Freitas took seriously the challenge against Jose Pele Landy. After days of provocation, the four-time world champion put on an impressive performance and settled the bill against the MMA icon by knockout in the first round.

At 47 years old, Bobo is still in great shape. The commitment against Landy marks the athlete’s second performance in the 2022 season. In January, the athlete had an exhibition fight with the comedian Wenderson Nunes.

Pele was one of those responsible for spreading mixed martial arts to the world in the 1990s and 2000s, and he didn’t stand a chance against one of the biggest names in Brazilian boxing. Despite Bahian’s imbalance in the opening seconds, the 49-year-old veteran succumbed to the power of the four-times world champion’s grip.


The confrontation began with Bobo taking the lead with a left hook. In the first seconds, Acelino’s straight right led to Pele’s collapse. The referee opened the count and Jose returned to the match. The boxing legend continued to beat, but was surprised by Landy’s hook and bent his knees. The fighting continued fiercely, as the fighters were looking for the final blow. At the last minute, Behi again slaughtered the opponent, who fell again, and surrendered in the fast lane.

Music fight showing 2 results


Defeated Acelino Popó Freitas Jose Pele Landy By Knockout in the first round at 1m and 25s from the first round

Chris Cyborg Simone ‘Mulher Gato’ Silva defeated by unanimous decision of the judges

Dinho Alves Defeated Christian Figueiredo Knockout 1m from R3

Felipe Certanejo Miltinho defeated Vieira by unanimous decision of the judges

Chico Salgado defeated Sergio Bertolsi by TKO in the 1st and 59th minute of the R5.


defeated Diego Dias John Alan In a unanimous decision of the judges

Luan Miau defeated Willian Patolino by TKO (punches) in the 22s of R1

Willian Malvadezza defeated Jackson Tortura in the judges’ decision

Edivan Pé de Sapo defeated Alisson Vicente by KO

Thor Silva defeated Gabriel Bonfim by TKO in the 3m13s of R1