December 3, 2023
Boeing 737 Max 10 with airline livery takes off for the first time

Boeing 737 Max 10 with airline livery takes off for the first time

All previous flights of the Boeing 737 MAX 10 have been made by two prototypes from the American manufacturer, which bear a promotional plate for the model.

Last Thursday, November 18, Boeing conducted its first flight tests with a Boeing 737 MAX 10 registered N6055X (registration is still subject to tests). What’s new is that the equipment is the first of the class to fly using the full board of a customer, in this case, United Airlines. The fact was shared by the manufacturer itself on its social networks.

The Max 10, the largest Boeing 737 ever built, is not yet fully certified and therefore cannot be operated by airlines. Boeing is making test flights quickly, but it doesn’t expect to get certification until the end of this year (in fact, it should take several months).

However, the December 2022 deadline is particularly important, as all new aircraft approved after this date must comply with a new rule approved by the US Congress, which specifies the placement of new cabin alerts. MAX 10 does not, at the moment, have these alerts and Boeing is still trying to get the senators to push back the deadline.

If that deadline is not changed, Boeing will have to adapt the aircraft to comply with the new law, further delaying certification and operation, because the new alerts will require specific training for pilots, even for those already flying in the United States. MAX family members.

GOL is also a customer for the 10 MAX, with twelve examples currently on order, to be delivered between 2027 and 2030.