March 29, 2023

Bolsonaro asks US to stay home longer – 01/27/2023 – Boder

Average Completion of one month in AmericaFormer President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) Former fighter Jose Aldo asked the owner A home in the Orlando area where you are stayingAccording to the athlete’s friend, the stay should be extended by about a month until the end of the carnival.

The eight-bedroom house in a gated community near the Disney parks is available for rent online at US$519 a day (about R$2,600 for a double), but was offered by a former militant who backed Bolsonaro in the 2022 election.

Reported by sheet A Brazilian judge pointed out last week that he feared a legal blockade. Bolsonaro is studying options for a longer stay in the US And it can finance the delivery of lectures to businessmen in the country.

The sheet She stayed at a condominium in Kissimmee for three days earlier this week and drove to the former president’s doorstep. He said from day one that he was not going to answer the report’s questions.

Although there was a gate to prevent cars from accessing the site, pedestrian entry was free, which contributed to the constant movement of patrons at the gate.

With no walls between the houses, privacy is limited and it is even possible to ring the former president’s bell on rare occasions when there is no security guard at the door, the report said on Monday (23).

The family installed a screen to cover the backyard with a swimming pool, and the curtains in the house are closed during the day. However, some lights can be seen at night, and on both Monday and Tuesday, a television in the living room showed a football match.

Bolsonaro traveled to the United States before ending the government on December 30 Breaking with tradition to pass the banner to his successor, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT). Since then, little has changed in the former president’s routine in the city.

Initially, the The novelty of his visit and the year-end holiday brought hundreds of Brazilians to the doorstep. Bolsonaro went out almost every hour to greet supporters, who traveled from different parts of the country to see him.

Since he was still in office at the time, he beefed up his security with agents of the US Secret Service, in addition to the condominium’s internal security vehicles, to organize the meeting.

Now, after weeks in the city, the movement has slowed, but Bolsonaro still comes out twice a day, early and late, to greet, take pictures and sign autographs with the still-forming group ahead. House. On the days of the report, the groups numbered around ten.

Profiles vary. A retired Minas Gerais couple who live on the state’s coast said they waited for the crowd to die down and drove about three hours this week to try and take photos with the statue.

Another family, Rio Grande do Sul, was on vacation in the United States and was returning from Atlanta to catch a flight to Brazil in Miami, but decided to detour to try to meet the former president. They did not want to be interviewed for the report.

In addition to brief conversations with supporters, Bolsonaro has made few public appearances, aside from occasional trips to markets or snack shops.

Condominium officials said they haven’t seen him at a local restaurant or gym less than five minutes from the home — which also has a water park.

However, supporters have called on social networks for an event with Bolsonaro next Tuesday (31). The event is described online as a “reunion with Brazilian society in honor of former President Jair Bolsonaro,” and tickets are sold for US$10 (general admission) and US$50 (VIP admission).

Already Michelle Bolsonaro He returned to Brazil on Thursday (26) night. Portal Metropolis published pictures of the former first lady at Brasilia airport, where she landed with her friend and makeup artist Agustin Fernandez.

During her stay in Orlando, apart from visiting friends and going to Disney Park with her daughters, she went to an evangelistic service on Sunday (22).

One of the former president’s sons, Carlos Bolsonaro, is also in the United States, but Mr sheet He was not seen at the condominium during his stay.

The house in Florida has themed rooms, like a Minion room, and Jose Alto usually gives it to celebrities, he revealed in an interview with the Flow podcast earlier this month.

According to him, the decision to hand over to the former president is a business strategy to rent it out further. “The street is always crowded. What can I get from the message to rent the house”, he said.

“Everybody wants to see it, left or right, and I want to put a sign there that says, ‘Here was the president of Brazil,'” he said, comparing it to staying in the same room as Elvis Presley in Las Vegas. “Everybody wanted to stay home because he was president.”

Protests also took place. On Sunday (22), a group of left-wing Brazilians called Defending Democracy in Brazil paraded through the streets of Orlando with a truck carrying anti-Bolsonaro messages.

The vehicle passed through areas frequented by Brazilians, such as a supermarket under the command of the Bolsonaroist pastor Andre Valadao and the local headquarters of the Church of Lagoinha.

A banner-carrying demonstration was also held in front of the former president’s residence. “It’s embarrassing for us Brazilians, the international media coverage of Bolsonaro being here is very negative,” said photographer Jono Sells, one of the event’s organizers.

However, it is not known whether Bolsonaro’s health problems will cause him to cut short his trip. At the beginning of the month he was admitted to the hospital with intestinal obstruction At that time he said he was returning to Brazil. This week, your doctor, Antonio Macedo said sheet When he came back he would have to do another surgery.

Another obstacle to Bolsonaro’s plans in the United States is his legal status American left-wing politicians have called for him to be deported.

The Joe Biden administration says it can’t comment on specific visa cases, which are confidential, but says a person enters the country with a diplomatic visa from the head of state and leaves office while on U.S. soil. If you are at risk of being deported, you must apply for a visa change within 30 days.

Alexandre Piquet, a lawyer who works with immigration in Florida and helps Brazilians, says he doesn’t know about Bolsonaro’s specific case, but says heads of state must submit the status change to the State Department (a body equivalent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), which can approve or disapprove — not just for technical reasons, but Political pressure can also be a decisive factor.

Bolsonaro, he says, will have a series of visa options for people who stand out in a variety of professional sectors, from tourism to work, or those with so-called “extraordinary skills.” However, a tourist visa does not allow Bolsonaro to carry out paid activities if the intention is to be in the country where the lectures are being held.