October 3, 2023
Bolsonaro calls Lula a rapist for attending COP27

Bolsonaro calls Lula a rapist for attending COP27

On a spree witnessed by a pair of helpers, Jair Bolsonaro complained about the decision Luiz Inacio Lula da Silvia To attend the UN Climate Conference COP27 in Egypt. He called the Caliph “the usurper”. He accused him of wearing the presidential sash prematurely. He said, “I’m still the damned boss!” As if he wanted to convince himself that nothing had changed.

The meeting begins on Sunday and runs until November 18. Lola will appear in the second week. It will not go as you penetrate. After winning the elections, he received an official invitation from the host, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. A proud outcast, Bolsonaro preferred not to attend. His absence will push more lights in Lola’s direction.

In Bolsonaro’s quirky interpretation, Lula goes to COP27 for “bad talk about Brazil.” He ignores the fact that his government’s destructive management of the environment sector should not be confused with the image of Brazil. Lula, who is treated as a star, views the climate summit as the providence phase to resume Brazil’s ecological role.

Reversing the toxic picture will not require much effort. It is enough for Lula to indicate that his government will return to the stable all the livestock that passed under Bolsonaro’s rule, preferring environmental crime over inspection. Lula is considering announcing in Egypt the name of the future minister – or minister – of the environment.

Among the heads of state who will walk the red carpet of the US COP27 conference Joe BidenAnd the French Emmanuel Macron and the German Olaf Schultz. To Bolsonaro’s concern, the climate conference environment favors bilateral talks.