March 31, 2023
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Bolsonaro penalizes R$4,500 loan via Caixa Tem; See how it works

Law No. 14,438/22, which releases the R$4,500 credit limit for MEI (Individual Small Entrepreneurs), was ratified by President Jair Bolsonaro last week.

Text is included in temporary measure 1,107/22, approved by the National Congress, which also issued a credit of R$1,500 to individuals. The procedure was published in the Official Gazette of the Federation.

In addition, the law also creates Digital SIM card, a digital microcredit simplification program for entrepreneurs. According to the government, the goal is to help small entrepreneurs establish themselves.

a Caixa Tem’s New Micro Credit Up to R$1,500 for individuals and up to R$4,500 for individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEIs). Until then, the amounts were R$1,000 and R$3,000.

Caixa Tem Loan 2022

The interim measure, which deals with increased Caixa Tem microcredit values, is still pending in the Senate. While the text has not been approved, the current terms of employment are as follows:

for individuals

  • credit limit up to R$1,000;
  • interest rate of 1.95% per month;
  • Repayment term: up to 24 months;
  • The order is submitted digitally directly through the Caixa Tem app.

for MEI

  • credit limit of up to 3 thousand Brazilian riyals;
  • Interest rate: from 1.99% per month;
  • Repayment term: up to 24 months;
  • However, now the demand is only in agencies. However, Caixa has already informed that recruitment will soon also be possible through Caixa Tem.

Caixa offers small loans

First, it is important to note that the values ​​that can be pulled will be different.

While the MEI will be able to redeem the microcredit in an amount of up to 3 thousand Brazilian riyalsan individual may withdraw an amount of up to Thousand Brazilian Real.

The new loan is linked to the program Digital SIM card It expects to have two proposals, as outlined.

for normal personThe loan will be fixed at R$1,000, with a monthly interest rate of 1.95% per month and 24 months for payment. To get the amount, you will not need a lot of bureaucracy, as the recruitment can be done directly through the Caixa Tem application, just agree to the terms of the loan and wait up to seven days for analysis.

about MEIThe loan can be up to R$3,000, with a monthly interest rate of 1.99% per month and 24 months for payment. In this case, the interested party must go to an agency of cashierIt is imperative that you have, at a minimum, 12 months of billing for any amount with the respective CNPJ.

Therefore, the idea is that people with a “dirty” name in the market and who have difficulties in contracting lines of credit can access the loan through the program. In addition, he seeks to formalize informal workers.

How to get a loan with Caixa Tem?

Moreover, it is important to note that contracting via square his Available, as of now, for individuals only. According to Caixa, developers are already working on authorizing the request for MEIs through the app.

In short, see how individuals should request credit through the platform:

  1. Download or update the Caixa Tem app. It is now available for download.
  2. Update your application registration
  3. Click on “Cash Credit”
  4. Click on “Caixa Tem Credit Contract”
  5. Let us know how you intend to use your loan funds. Remember that it is necessary to inform you that you will apply the amount to some pledges.
  6. Simulate the loan and choose the amount of installments
  7. For those who do not have digital savings yet, the opening can be done immediately. There is no requirement for an additional fee to carry out the procedure.
  8. Confirm the order and wait for the 10 days provided by the federal government.

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