July 22, 2024

Bolsonaro refuses Mourao to talk about Ukraine, but does not say what he thinks about the Russian invasion | Policy

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Bolsonaro refuses Mourao to talk about Ukraine, but does not say what he thinks about the Russian invasion |  Policy
Bolsonaro refuses Mourao to talk about Ukraine, but does not say what he thinks about the Russian invasion |  Policy

In a live broadcast on social networks alongside Foreign Minister Carlos Franca, Bolsonaro showed a copy of a reportage to the British Guardian newspaper. g 1 Which repeated the Vice President’s statement: “Brazil does not agree to the invasion of Ukrainian territory.”

Without mentioning Mourao’s name, Bolsonaro said it was not the vice president’s responsibility to talk about the matter.

“To make it clear: Article 84 states that it is the president who speaks on this subject. And the president is called Jair Messias Bolsonaro. Pictures — she says something she shouldn’t. It is not her competence. It is our competence,” he declared.

In the morning, journalists questioned Murao about the crisis between Russia and Ukraine. This Thursday the Republican Party – from the government base but any In conflict with BolsonaroDeclare Morao’s affiliationwho intends to run in this year’s election as a candidate for senator from Rio Grande do Sul.

“Brazil is not neutral. Brazil has made it clear that it respects the sovereignty of Ukraine. Therefore, Brazil does not agree to the invasion of Ukrainian territory. This is a fact.” cum said In the morning you reach the plateau.

The President said he was listening to the ministers involved in the issues to decide what positions Brazil would take in the diplomatic field. This statement was made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carlos Franca.

“Just to give you an idea. It was not agreed, it was agreed naturally, when do I say anything about the problem of Russia and Ukraine? I speak after listening to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defense, Carlos Franca, Braga Neto. And that is the end of it. If that is the case, I will I invite another Minister of ours to take … so that I can make a decision,” the president said.

The president said that the government wanted peace, but did not express any position on the Russian invasion of Ukrainian lands.

“We are for peace, we want peace. We traveled in peace to Russia. We had exceptional contacts with President Putin. We settled the fertilizer issue for Brazil,” Bolsonaro said.

Moments later, Bolsonaro criticized the vice president of the republic again, without mentioning by name.

“Everything we can do we will do for the sake of peace. Therefore, everyone who talks about these issues is called Jair Messias Bolsonaro. Anyone who doubts that can look for Article 84. Nobody talks.,” Bolsonaro announced.

The invasion of Ukraine began in the early hours of Thursday (24) by order of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Russians invaded the neighboring country from several points along the border. The procedure generates a An unprecedented military and diplomatic crisis in Europe in this century.

Last week, Bolsonaro made an official trip to Russia. Besides Putin, Bolsonaro said he was “in solidarity” with Russia, without specifying what this solidarity refers to. The president’s statement caused pressure on Brazilian diplomacy, especially with the United States. A White House spokeswoman condemned the Brazilian president’s position.

During a “live broadcast” on social media, Bolsonaro said he will hold a meeting on Thursday with ministers and other members of the government to address the situation in Ukraine.

“Our position is for peace. In the next few hours, I will meet with Minister France, I have a meeting with the Minister of Defense as well, Braga Neto, and more government authorities so that we can. This will not be our first meeting to gauge what is happening and Brazil has its position.”

Brazilians withdraw from Ukraine

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carlos Franca, said that the ministry is in the process of drawing up a “contingency plan” for the withdrawal of Brazilians from Ukrainian territory.

“This contingency plan, of course, we cannot disclose or announce the details much earlier. But it includes contact with neighboring countries, such as Poland and Romania, and of course intense negotiations with the Ukrainian authorities who control the territory there,” he said.

According to the minister, the withdrawal will take place when the Brazilian diplomacy determines that they have “appropriate security conditions”.

Franca stated that the most likely Brazilians would withdraw overland, via highways or rail. But he did not completely rule out an air operation.

“The airspace is closed, but we also see the possibility of negotiating access there, if that’s the case. It’s probably easier by road, because of the distances we have there,” he said.

The Itamaraty minister also mentioned that South American countries, such as Argentina and Ecuador, have sought Brazil to request assistance in removing their citizens from Ukraine.

France has stated that the priority is to remove the Brazilians, but that Brazil will seek to meet the demands of neighboring countries.

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