January 29, 2023
Bolsonaro wants to be the cover of American Time magazine and asks to vote live

Bolsonaro wants to be the cover of American Time magazine and asks to vote live

The president has taken advantage of Time’s character of the year campaign’s weekly live broadcast, claiming to be well positioned in the fray

The President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro (without party), took advantage of his weekly live audience, Thursday (25th), to demand votes for him in the US “Person of the Year” campaign. Time magazine.

Bolsonaro remembers that he was among the 100 personalities in 2019 and 2020. “Now in 2021 we are leading. I thank those who voted for me, and those who did not, I ask you to go to the site and vote,” she asked.

After that, the president said he is getting ahead of health professionals in the fray, professionals who have been tirelessly fighting the coronavirus since last year.

Next, Bolsonaro asked those present at the broadcast if they had actually voted for him, embarrassing the Minister of Regional Development, Ruggiero Marinho. “I will vote, I will vote,” replied the minister, laughing nervously.

So far, 70% of Time polls votes have gone to the Brazilian president. According to information from the same magazine, the Person of the Year is “the most influential in the news or life, through thick and thin.”

According to information from the MetrĂ³poles portal, Bolsonaro’s high vote is the result of a collective effort by the Telegram pocket groups.

The result was surprising, with Time magazine on other occasions deemed “leftist and communist” by Bolsonaro’s staunch supporters.

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