December 5, 2023
Palácio do Planalto e um ato contra Jair Bolsonaro

Bolsonaro was blown up in the networks to harm himself and to try to profit politically from the death of Marilia Mendonca

Showing his inability to offer condolences, Jair Bolsonaro was self-centered and tried to draw attention to Juez de Fora’s alleged stabbing wound.

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247 – Jair Bolsonaro has received harsh criticism online, for showing his inability to offer condolences and his self-centeredness, by commenting on the death of Marilia Mendonca, one of Brazil’s most beloved artists. In his speech, Bolsonaro attempted to harm himself and drew attention to the alleged stab at Juiz de Fora, politically profiting from a tragedy. Check out some feedback:

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