December 1, 2023
Bom Pra Crédito won a special category of the Reclame Aqui 2021

Bom Pra Crédito won a special category of the Reclame Aqui 2021

The Reclame Aqui Award was created 10 years ago, with the goal of rewarding companies that respect the consumer most, value service and deliver a positive experience. During this time, the award has honored more than 1,000 brands, with a record attendance last year. And in 2021, Good Bra credit Won the Special Category for the Reclame Aqui Award. To find out more, check out below.

Bom Pra Crédito won a special category of the Reclame Aqui 2021

Thus, due to the arrival of the pandemic, there have been some changes to the Reclame Aqui. As a result, the two stricter award award rules – cut-off score and a maximum number of 10 companies per category – were revised and, subsequently, new companies were nominated, leaving the dispute further closed.

In the case of Bom Pra Crédito, the company won first place in the CEO category RA 1000, for Ricardo Kalichsztein. The award is given to the CEO who has demonstrated the most engagement with their service team. In second place. Madesa with Pedro Cini and Via Varigo with Roberto Folschberger in third place.

Finally, regarding the category Online loan, in the Special Awards division, Bom Pra Crédito won third place. Just behind the brands Creditas (1st place) and FinanZero (2nd place). This year, there were a total of 10,813,489 votes cast. To check out all the winners, Accessing the page The Complaint Here Award.

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Photo: Ricardo Calichstein, CEO of Boom Pra Credito (Advertising)