September 29, 2023
Boninho and Anna Furtado's daughter's 15th birthday party presents Alok Show

Boninho and Anna Furtado’s daughter’s 15th birthday party presents Alok Show

Isabella Furtado won a huge party yesterday in Rio de Janeiro to celebrate her 15th birthday. Daughter of Boninho, DirectorBBBAnchor, Anna Furtado, danced a lot with her friends and parents to the tunes of DJ Alok and welcomed a group of celebrities to the celebration.

Angelica, Luciano Hack, Marcus Meon, Susanna Jolo, Andre Marquez, and the entire Bony family clan, including his grandfather, were present. Boni himself, who danced a waltz with his granddaughter and was photographed by Boninho’s younger brother, Bruno Boni.

Isabella’s 15th birthday party, daughter of Boninho and Ana Furtado

The party was held at Gávea Golf Country Club, one of the most traditional clubs in Brazil, in São Conrado.

In the stories, Alok stood with Boninho, Anna Furtado and the birthday girl, congratulating Isabella. Boninho also thanked DJ, who has played in BBB several times, for his love for his family.