July 15, 2024

Boninho jokes with Luana Piovani about watching a reality show

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Boninho jokes with Luana Piovani about watching a reality show
Boninho jokes with Luana Piovani about watching a reality show

After Luana Piovani said she wouldn’t watch “Big Brother Brasil 22,” program director Boninho, 60, teased the actress and said that even Alexa, a virtual assistant device, was watching, except for the ex-wife. Pedro Scooby, Camarote member do reality.

And in one of the posts on Instagram, the program director posted a video of Alexa talking about the beginning of “BBB 22″.

Good morning, Today the 22nd edition of ‘Big Brother Brasil 22’ begins with a show by Tado Schmidt. Do you know what that means?

He adds, “One of the participants is called Slovenia, and his name was inspired by the political struggles of the 1990s that led to the division of Yugoslavia. With this creative family, the participant is there.”

In the caption, Bonigno wrote the following message: “Even Alexa sees BBB, except for Luana!!” The director laughed.

After Scooby confirmed “BBB 22”, Thousands of social media users have started following the actress for her possible comments about her ex-husband in custody. However, she denied that she would comment on reality show Because you don’t watch the show.

“I will comment what you want: I will not comment on”BBBHe commented, “Because I don’t watch it, I’ve never seen it in my life and won’t watch it now. I’ll end up learning a few things here on social networks.”

She said she had been on a trip, but announced that she was aware of the great public interest in what she could say about Pedro Scobe’s attendance at “Big Brother Brasil 21”.

“Anyway, I like to use social networks to do other things and not comment on Big Brother, even because I don’t watch it,” he confirmed in the sequence. The relationship between Piovani and Scooby is remembered because of Post-breakup differences confirmed in 2019.

The actress, who is the mother of three surfer children, She highlighted that she will not comment on the reality show unless she is hired.

You guys are still annoying me and you want me to comment on “BBB”. Write to Boninho there, and ask him to conclude a contract. When I read the newspaper and comment on politics, he can give a summary and I talk about the program. There is no other way. We make it a job.

In a video posted on Instagram Stories, the actress said that she had received a large number of messages on social media about the reality. “It’s going to be a little bit more boring than I thought. I’m glad it’s over,” he added.

Model Cynthia Decker, current wife of Pedro Scobe, mentioned that the guardianship of Dom, Ben and Liz alternating between her and Luana Piovani during the time the surfer participates in “BBB 22”.

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