February 2, 2023
Boninho reveals the list of celebrities quoted in reality

Boninho reveals the list of celebrities quoted in reality

The video on Boninho’s social networks surprised the audience and the director asked his followers to vote

Photo: MixMe

Boninho used social media on Sunday, the 18th, to announce A.J Video with famous names Transferred to participate in Big Brother Brazil🇧🇷 The Camarote lineup for the 2023 edition includes singers, actors, influencers and athletes.

The video imitates the announcement of the candidates for an award, and Boninho asks his followers to vote. “The list of nominees for the BBB is so long, that I’ve decided to make an award, like Hollywood, an Oscar, and you vote on who should enter the BBB,” he said.

Big Boss presents four categories of celebrities and names included in the reality show. Among the singers and singers are Vitao, Paula Fernandez, Inessa Camargo, Lexa, Guelma, Marily Santos, Murilo Hoff and Lucas Loco.

Digital influencers include Sofia Santino, Dora Figueiredo, Laura Brito, Vivi Wanderley, John Drops, Rita von Henty, Livia Andrade and Vanessa Lopez.

Actors or actresses cited by Big Boss are João Guilherme, Bruna Grifao, Yasmine Brunet, Samantha Schmutz, Pedro Novaes, Mikael Borges, Sergio Lorosa, Rafael Infante, Ana Hekari, Cleo and Romulo Arantes Neto.

In the “Others” category, Boninho Hortensia, Arthur Zanetti, Ingrid Silva and Pablo Moraes are mentioned.

Boninho did not clarify if there would actually be a vote for the participants to enter the reality, and in a joke revealed previously mentioned names for the reality. Fans began to express themselves on social networks and commented on the post with their favorites.

BBB 2023 will premiere on January 16, 2023. Casa de Vidro, which has already become a tradition, will be opened in a shopping center before the program is televised, Boninho said.

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