December 6, 2023
Boninho spoke out after the alleged famous BBB22 list was leaked

Boninho spoke out after the alleged famous BBB22 list was leaked

Very cynically, Bonino appeared on social networks to comment on the leak of the supposed list of famous people who will participate in Big Brother Brazil 2022.

The possible names confirmed in the next edition of the reality show have been revealed by columnist Léo Dias, of Metrópoles. Among the celebrities mentioned by journalists: De Ferrero, Ocaro Silva, Rodrigo Simez, Aline Riscado, Negra Lee, Elaine Roche, Lixa, Jonathan Azevedo and Molcioli Carroll.

According to Léo Dias, all of the leaked names have already taken exams, to see if they can enter confinement. But Bonino insisted on denying the news. “Look at the problem they gave me. I already did the tests with Lexa, Di Ferrero, MC Carol, Ellen Roche, Rodrigo Simas, Aline Riscado, Negra Li, Jonathan Azevedo and Ícaro Silva for a BBB 22 test, and then they posted it was coming out”, he He said.

“I spent a lot of money for nothing, because this is a leak and I’m going to have to change everything. At least they’re all healthy, that’s what the hospital said, or someone made it up. A little while later they’d say I’d be at Big Brother Brasil. I mean, I’m going, But I’m working,” the director of BBB sneered.

Instagram will load in the front end.

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