Bonnardel wants to modernize the taxi industry once and for all

Bonnardel veut moderniser l’industrie du taxi une fois pour toutes

It is by placing the user “in the heart of its action:” that the government of the CAQ intends to modernise the transport industry people once and for all. Finished the pilot projects so that taxis, Uber, and all companies similar to be able to play with equal weapons.

“It is out of the question for me or our government to hunt for new innovations in Quebec under the pretext that they do not coincide with our ancient laws. It is up to us to ensure that we adapt our environment while respecting the players already present,” said Mr. Bonnardel at the blue Room on Wednesday.

The minister of Transport intends to introduce a bill in the coming weeks and hope to be able to make it adopt by the end of the session, in June.

Its objective is to facilitate the lives of users and counter the auto solo. “The citizens are entitled to be able to take advantage of services that are competitive and accessible.”

Without giving the details of its comprehensive reform, the minister indicated that he wants to restore fairness between the players of the industry and reduce the administrative burden, regulatory and financial entrepreneurs.

Mr. Bonnardel explained that since he came in office last fall, he had to renew it urgently four pilot projects in different set up by the previous government, which according to him lacked “courage”. “This way of managing the former government was their way to them to postpone important decisions to later. In short, not to settle the problems of this industry once and for all. This has gone on long enough.”

The liberal mna Gaétan Barrette replied vociferously, accusing the minister of making “a trial of the pilot projects”, so that his government uses, especially in health care. According to him, the liberal government has managed the folder of the taxi “the right way”, the pilot projects that have been “requested by the environment”.

The Parti québécois and Québec solidaire are, they are pleased that the government finally, while asking him to compensate taxi drivers who will lose at the currency exchange.

The mp solidarity Ruba Ghazal has also condemned the “infamous” bill 100 was adopted as the gag by the liberals in 2016 and that would be according to her favored Uber at the expense of the taxis.

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