Boombox is Yours for 100%: new powerful song (text)

Бумбокс – Твiй на 100%: вийшла нова потужна пісня гурту (текст)

The premiere of the song Boombox – Your 100%
/ Vova Klever

Boombox group has pleased fans with a premiere singles. A song called “Your 100%” was the second released by the new forthcoming album. Listen and learn the songs with us!

According to the leader of the group Bumboks Andriy Khlyvniuk, the new song “Your 100%” – it is one hundred percent true story. “The song that inspired me a meeting with one of the participants, which I just dumped my story, and this story I gave you. This song was written quickly, in one flight, maybe that’s why she’s so energetic”, – said the musician. Check it out!

Boombox – listen online new Your at 100%:

“Your 100%” is the second single from the future album – “Secret Code”. The first release was the duet song “Hold me” from the Los angelesyou band the Gitas. Interestingly, the new album of the famous French Studio La Fabrique, as well as in Kyiv in the Studio of “Bobbin” in Berlin – “Trixx”.

Text and lyrics Boombox – Your 100%

In the sky there are no waves
And I’m not her type.
In the eyes of Pasadena beach
For very many miles
These are all short films
Through the thorns to hell
Their flight somewhere in Ibiza
Learned – and now…

Or are you a musician, man?
Don’t worry, I won’t bite
I have two plane, so
Just write on the fly
I listened to your album
With those who are no longer
So well together
Don’t listen, because she is.


Our long journey somewhere
Feelings of flashes of white smoke
I did it not for you
But you along with it.
There is hidden our secret code
There is love on earth and in heaven
I did it not for you
And now it’s yours 100%
Your 100%!

Although I have not been where you were
My story is not a work of imagination
These words I then did not throw to the wind
That heat tasted only ash
We have collected the impressions on this album
Let the music a little heals wounds
Did it without money and not for honor
I see that it was all in vain!


It seems that only the final call
Quickly run run
Me too those lines lived
With that far away now
And here’s my crew
Not once, not twice already
No, I’m not your type
And in the morning again on the plane.


Бумбокс – Твiй на 100%: вийшла нова потужна пісня гурту (текст)

Bumbok has released a new song


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