Boréart will prompt you in Mexico

Boréart vous invite au Mexique

Until 3 march, it will be caliente in Boréart. A collection of artists from montreal, invites you to a true voyage in the South thanks to their exposure to Mexico mi amor, which is installed in the gallery today.

Visitors who pass through the door of the visual arts center will not be surprised to be caught up in a whirlwind of vibrant colors, rich patterns and styles are eclectic. “That’s right, Mexico. It is too much, it is lush, it is alive ! “says the one of the top ten artists of the lot, Agnès Robin.

Through 110 works created with techniques and materials specific to each, they share with us their perception of this country that is Mexico, what inspires them, hits them, moves them. In the lot, a lot of variations on the iconic figure that represents Frida Kahlo, of course, but also Madonna, the vegetation and wildlife, and exotic, art, aztec, and otomi, the architecture and the celebrations around Dia de los muertos — an important festival in Mexico.

Most of the works are paintings, but there are also a few photographs and some sculptures.

From Montreal to Mexico, passing through Granby

The idea of such an exhibition was born of an earlier, organized by a Montreal art gallery, on the theme of Frida Kahlo, tells Marielle Robichaud. “It was so successful that we said that it would be fun to make something by broadening the thematic in Mexico, not just its artist darling. “

Mexico mi amor has been presented for the first time in the metropolis in the autumn of last year, the gallery Erga, on Saint-Laurent, before coming to its turn at Granby this month. “It is an exhibition that works well, which warms, brings together and makes you dream ; it is hoped that she continues to walk “, let him know Mrs. Robin.

With a few contacts in mexico with one of the artists of the group, Carlos Hidalgo, the combination is can even dream of transporting his exhibition there. “It would be interesting that the Mexicans see the perception one has of their country,” gliding Ms. Robichaud.

“That’s right, Mexico. It is too much, it is lush, it is alive ! ”

Agnès Robin, artist-painter

“It is really ten artists with ten eyes and ten completely different styles,” underlines Ms. Robin.

At the opening of Mexico mi amor to Boréart, Sunday afternoon, the artists promise to live a real experience. “We’re going to recreate a whole universe, so that the people will have the impression of being in a all-inclusive in the South,” let him know Mrs. Robin, indicating that there will be music, tapas, and maybe even traditional costumes.


What : group Exhibition Mexico mi amor

When : from 6 February to 3 march

Where : Boréart

Vernissage : Sunday, February 10 from 13 h to 16 h

Free entry

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